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So your business is not on social media and you want to get on it right, you had a ‘consultant’ call you and say what do you mean you don’t have a Facebook page? no Twitter account? no Instagram?

Well, don’t panic it is not something that I recommend you do immediately. Not without taking the time to think of a plan of how you are going to build your brand first. Social media marketing Javea is a search term on Google that will probably get this post onto the front page of Google so you can find it and send me a message 🙂

Well, I have been writing and using social media marketing for businesses for quite a few years and noticed some of the mistakes small and medium sizes businesses make around this area, I will list them here.

Social media mistakes businesses make!

1. They cannot explain what is different about their business before they even get onto social media.

2. Do not address the basic marketing activities and how they should work with social

3. They think they need to be everywhere just because their competitors are

4. Don’t spend time getting their wording right before ‘jumping’ into the Abyss

5. Hire a company to manage their social media for them without briefing them properly

6. Do not take the time to work out and brief the company on their tone of voice

7. Think they can use social media without paid advertising effectively

8. Try to setup ads themselves and waste a lot of money on boosting their posts that don’t turn into revenue

9. Have no idea on which tools to use and waste money on these too

10. Set up their social media tools wrong

11. Don’t share enough images or their own content

12. Share other people’s content without thinking about how they will get people to buy from them

13. Don’t understand their lead funnel and how they will nurture and convert visitors into paying customer

14. Try to do all of the work themselves without asking for assistance

15. Believing the statistics from Facebook and their marketing consultant just because he is 25 years old without questioning the return on investment!

So these are just a small selection of some of the mistakes people make, if you would like a conversation about how I could assist you then please have a look around my website and email me from the contact page.

I am happy to arrange a 15 minute conversation to work out what you need. Somewhere in Javea that suits you if I am around or potentially on a video call.

I am looking forward to meeting you, please email me

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