Why Do You Want A Podcast Show? | The Ultimate Guide

Why Do You Want To Have A Podcast Show? Just because your mate Dave has one is not a good reason! This important question needs answering before you start your show!

Updated 31/03/2022


Should You Create Your Own Podcast?

Did you know that podcasting is the fastest-growing online radio format? It’s true – and it’s easy to get started to build an audience. In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the reasons you may want to think of starting a podcast show, and we will also shed some light on the not so good reasons people share for starting a show.

What do the statistics say?

Why Do You Want A Podcast Show? | The Ultimate Guide
Here are the latest online audio statistics above thanks to the amazing people at Edison research. You can also check out the slides here: from their full report and watch the video below.

As you can see Podcasting continues its significant and steady growth while its overall audience is more diverse than ever, according to The Infinite Dial 2022® from Edison Research and Triton Digital. Along with podcasting, smart speaker ownership and online audio consumption showed notable gains in this year’s survey. 

Why Do You Want A Podcast Show? | The Ultimate Guide
According to the report: U.S. Online Audio Listening Grows and Podcast Habits Reflect a Return to Work and School
The Infinite Dial® 2022 findings released by Edison Research, sponsored by Wondery and ART19    
Online audio consumption in the U.S. showed significant gains year-over-year, according to The Infinite Dial® 2022 from Edison Research, sponsored by Wondery and ART19. The study also finds the number of monthly podcast listeners declined slightly year-over-year as the U.S. population returns to pre-pandemic routines.
The Infinite Dial is America’s longest-running survey of digital media consumer behaviour in America, tracked annually since 1998, and unveils the latest research in digital audio, social media, mobile, smart speakers, and podcast consumption. Edison Research SVP Tom Webster and Wondery CEO Jen Sargent presented the findings onstage at Podcast Movement: Evolutions in Los Angeles earlier today. 
Seventy-three percent of the U.S. 12+ population (an estimated 209 million people) have listened to online audio in the last month, up from 68% in 2021. This jump was primarily driven by listeners age 35+, as the number of those age 35+ who listen to online audio monthly increased by 13% year over year. Weekly online audio listening also rose to 67% of the U.S. 12+ population, up from 62% in 2021.

Rising adoption of Podcasting for upper funnel brand-building

NEW YORK – May 12, 2021 — According to IAB’s U.S. Podcast Advertising Revenue Study, prepared by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) and released at the IAB 2021 Podcast Upfront, Podcast advertising will grow as much in the next two years as it did in the past decade.

Driven by a particularly strong fourth quarter (+37% YoY), Podcast advertising revenues climbed to $842 million in 2020, up from $708 million in the year prior.

“Podcasting will grow in the next two years by leaps and bounds,” said Eric John, Vice President, IAB Media Center. “Podcast listeners have shown that—even when working from home—podcasts are a preferred medium. Advertisers are benefiting from new technologies developed to serve these marketplaces, to make podcast advertising more dynamic and measurable than ever before.”

Why do you want to start a podcast? 

Why do you want to start a podcast? Are you temporarily insane? Before starting a podcast, it would be a good idea to think about your key drivers and motivations.

Perhaps you just noticed someone else who launched a podcast and decided that because they have one, you should have one. If this is your reasoning behind it, you should dig deep into your business model or future business model and career plans and look deep into your motivational drivers.

Why Do You Want A Podcast Show

Some poor reasons to start a podcast:

  • My buddy Dave has one, and he told me it was fun
  • I want to make vast amounts of money immediately
  • My business needs one for generating immediate sales
  • I am going to sell products and services to my guests

Why Do You Want To Have a Podcast Show?

The power of the spoken word is in a way that the written word cannot. Listeners can feel your emotion and get a better sense of your personality. They will develop an intimate bond with you. Growing your business is a by-product of sharing your passion and helping others. Check out the process of launching a show.

Why Do You Want A Podcast Show

A few good reasons Why Do You Want A Podcast Show?

You can start your own podcast and meet new people online to share your passions with. They’re a creative outlet and have a great way to consume information.

Podcasts aren’t only great for consuming information, they can be great for social media. You can listen to them while running, commuting, or studying with no need to get ready to catch the live show. You should start a podcast to connect with others who may be interested in moving their lives and careers to the next level.

Don’t worry about how to start a podcast right now, it takes research

In future blogs, we will be covering where to begin with planning your podcast, your equipment, and related articles, building your audience, and how to record, what music to use and how to get things for FREE.

When launching your own podcast show it is easy to become overwhelmed

When launching your own podcast show it is easy to become overwhelmed with things to do, it is easy to become stuck worrying about how you will record your show, worrying about the audio quality, worrying about where you will host the audio files and how you will do the show notes and so many other things. Unfortunately, the result of these overwhelming thoughts is just why most people never get started.

If you are struggling to get started listen to this: Sales and Success Secrets to Scale Up Your Startup – With Technology Entrepreneur – Mike Tobin OBE

In future pieces of training both FREE and paid, we will address any myths you may have around where to begin in starting a podcast to confidently launch your show and have a clear focus from the beginning. Although you may just be able to build your personal brand in a different way: Learn more here.

Don’t just take my word for it read some of the reasons people started their shows

I am in a podcasting group on Facebook and noticed a conversation thread within the group. There were over 20 comments and I will share with you some of the reasons people gave for starting a podcast:

Philip: My now-cohost and I would have regular conversations about parenting that we thought were fun, but also useful because we were always honest with each other about what was and wasn’t science-based, in what we were thinking. We came to the conclusion that we could make something that would be helpful, and if it ever wasn’t helpful, it would at least probably be entertaining! And we both came to the subsequent conclusion that that was basically classic podcast material.

Our show is really parenting tips and stuff, starting from before birth and going from there, but I know I’ve seen some others in the group with more story-telling and narrative structures to their parenting podcasts.

Lewis: A lot of people think I give good advice so thought I’d turn that into a podcast and help others.

Nat: interesting. What about?

Lewis: mindset, life, relationships (ironic as I’ve never actually been in one). Just anything I guess.

Joe: To leave some videos behind for my children and grandchildren

Charuka: To create a community of like minded ambitious & kind women artists & creative entrepreneurs for myself & others

Pranita: To keep memories and my writing safe

Christie: People often asked me for advice on how I was raising my daughter, and I was in search for a new medium to share my parenting experiences outside of blogging or vlogging.

Skippy: To talk with everyday people about the amazing things they do beyond the typical 9 to 5. Also on my website I do a monthly show about Monsters and Folklore.

Stephen: People always asked me for years if I was on radio because of my deep voice lol…. I am a Minister and wanted to reach people around the world with the good news about Jesus….

Dennis: I’ve had many people confide in me when having problems. I have also had my share of life experience. Figured talking about some of those experiences could help someone in a tough time or simply provide entertainment because i say some outrageous stuff too.

Amy: Tired of hearing the same people and stories over and over and over and over…. So many more experiences and perspectives and stories to share! Redistribute the power and control of information. Regardless of industry.

Paul: Wanted to let people know that it’s never too late to be what you might have been and that you have choices in life. BOTTOM LINE, WHO DARES WINS ?

Erin: To not abuse my family with SEO conversations

Tara: To get more people onto my blog.

Damian: We wanted people, who have witnessed the paranormal, to know that they are not alone and they are not crazy. ??

Roberto: Because Chris Ducker said I needed to. ?

Fiona: None of my friends are interested in true crime so I decided to sit by myself and talk into a microphone about it!

Ishmael: “To find my parents’ killer” -Probably True Crime Podcasters

Betsy: I have to be honest I never set out to be a podcaster!

I am so grateful for the opportunity. I do my podcast to help others!

I started out interviewing caregivers then I expanded.

I want to help others by providing information and resources.

I promised my late husband Matt that I would continue on with my mission and vision. I would go in my car to raise awareness on Early Onset Alzheimer’s and talk about caregiving. I always hoped someone from a radio station would see me and interview me! Thankfully, Jeanne who is Station Manager at ************* saw me and asked me about an interview. Then Jeanne asked me to talk on her ****** Show. I asked my caregiving friends to talk! After a year I was given my own show! I didn’t know how to interview! Lol! I didn’t even know what a podcast was 3 years ago!

Gabriel: To share the truth and make it a career ?✨

Eric: Pandemic. We were meeting online already, and just started recording our discussions which we were already calling “*********** 8”, and that became a podcast.

Gabriel: To expand my blog and personal brand.

Check-out the: 11 Reasons Why You Need To Build Your Personal Brand

And: Your Personal Brand and Business Brand are huge Assets

If you want to start a show and don’t have a website or domain name then read this.

After you have worked on your wording: Expert Photography and Messaging Guide

Erica: I actually want to go into radio broadcasting and once I finish my AA at the end of this year, I’ll be going to ***** to study radio. Plus, I was basically passed the torch of teaching older music history from my middle school teacher who taught us about it during my English class. He recently retired and I chose to dedicate my podcast to doing what he spent 30 years doing with his students.

As you can see from these answers there are many reasons why do you want a podcast show. If you listen to this episode you can hear my reasons: Mental Health Film Comment Podcast: Brian Black on Lessons in Life and Empathy

Deciding Why You Want A Podcast?

Understanding your key drivers is the most critical question to ask yourself to avoid missing an opportunity or the work that comes with building something with no chance or sight of any revenue. Unfortunately, these are realities of podcasters who don’t start with the end goal in mind.

There are many reasons why you should start a podcast and there are also many reasons why you shouldn’t start one.

Why Do You Want A Podcast Show

Neal Veglio from Podknows Podcasting

I also noticed a post today on LinkedIn from Neal Veglio from Podknows Podcasting: He explains some of the reasons you should not start a podcast, and if this is you, he won’t work with you.

Neal has an issue with people who start podcasts completely for the wrong reasons (as do I).

Neal’s list of all-time WRONG reasons for starting a podcast:

? You want to make the podcast itself its own product and generate some quick cash through sponsorship.

? Your friend has one.

? You think everyone else has one and so you should do one really.

? You want to have some cool looking podcast recording equipment in the background of your Linkedin selfies.

? You’re absolutely convinced every single one of your thousands of Linkedin connections are going to be desperate to hear your every word and you can’t wait to have your ego stroked.

If any of the above statements sounds like you, Neal and I wish you the best of luck.

Sadly, he absolutely won’t be able to work with you.

If your reason is something else not listed, it sounds like you could be a good fit working with Neal or you can buy the Podcast Recipe Course Here: Podcast Recipe Course

15 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Podcast

1 – Raise awareness of a good cause

If your podcast is about a cause you’re passionate about, such as social justice or sustainable living, it’s an excellent way to raise awareness of the issue.

Why Do You Want A Podcast Show

– How can I raise awareness of a good cause?

Create content that features interviews with experts in the field and articles from reputable sources on how people are using these issues in their daily lives.

Ask listeners to submit sound bites explaining why they care about your topic

Have them submit contributions by emailing recordings of themselves to the hosts; explaining why they care deeply about your topic to you. You may also want to offer prizes for entries including subscriptions, merchandise items or homemade goods donated by followers. This will create interest among potential contributors while also demonstrating success through numbers.

Be sure to make all submissions available online so new visitors can hear them too!

Checkout: 11 Reasons To Use Your Own Domain Name For Sending Email For Business!

2 – Help people to get through life’s struggles to live a happier life

Whether you are a coach, business leader, entrepreneur or someone looking to live a happier life; helping other people to overcome life’s struggles can be really rewarding.

Check-out a few episodes here on this page: https://natschooler.com/podcasts/

Why Do You Want A Podcast Show

There are many struggles and obstacles that we face in our lives. These can be big or small but often times have the biggest impact on us. Having a podcast can provide tips and tricks to help people get through these challenges with ease to live your best life possible. 

Our podcast does this very thing, and I personally help people overcome struggles from the coaching perspective of someone there. Our show also inspires, from advice from top entrepreneurs on how they overcame their challenges -There is also practical advice such as what not do when things go wrong -And thanks to Kim-adele some great quotes about success and happiness and some incredible ways to look at business and how to get your schedule in order and Kim-Adele has made it easy for us to get our show on track with some of the best LEAN practices. She has helped me make it easy to be a guest and for us to complete many, many interviews and build up our listener base of C-Suite Executives!

Getting our marketing on point has been crucial; as has choosing the best hosts, and professional VO (voice-over artist) to create our intro.  

3 – Get meetings with your ideal clients

This is an important step in launching a podcast. It’s the first thing you should do to get your show off of the ground and generate excitement for what would come next.

Why Do You Want A Podcast Show? | The Ultimate Guide

Here are some tips on how to land ideal clients as guests

– Build a solid personal brand and a podcast brand, these should be in my opinion work alongside each other.

Learn more here about the benefits of that here: Personal Brand for Business

– How your project can help their business, even if it seems unrelated at first glance – or just ask! If they say “no” then move onto another prospect; don’t take it as a personal rejection.

– How will this partnership benefit both parties? What can they look forward to when partnering with you? Is there any opportunity for cross-promotion that could be mutually beneficial? How else might they be able to help promote your work and vice versa? Are you going to be of value to them and them to you and your audience?

4- Strengthen relationships 

Existing relationships with your old colleagues are crucial here and also your social media audience, if you have built genuine relationships then you will be able to add even more value with your podcast.

Why Do You Want A Podcast Show? | The Ultimate Guide

Build relationships through social media

Great tips here: The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Tips For Customer Engagement

One important way is through social media. You should start building relationships with potential new listeners now and offer them something valuable like free content or fan-based deals for when they subscribe on the release date. This also includes having conversations with bloggers who may not have tried listening to podcasts but would love to review yours once it’s live!

5 – Grow your network and Connect with Like-Minded People

Building your network the right way is crucial and as opposed to thinking laterally you should think about going deep, if your content and topics and guests are good then your network will share your content for you, this is called affinity propagation.

Why Do You Want A Podcast Show
A podcast show will help you build stronger relationships with your network

Find new friends who enjoy the same conversations

If you have a niche topic, creating a podcast is a great way to find new friends who enjoy the same things that you do. The existence of technology means connecting with people similar to us has never been easier.

Making Conversations Count Podcast With The Epic Wendy Harris does this very thing!

Your listeners will have similar interests to yours and will begin to ask to be interviewed

When you publish podcasts, you’ll naturally find people with like interests similar to yours, especially if you’re in a small town or far from where the hub of your interests is. You’ll meet others who want to collaborate with you, and with whom you can bounce ideas off. To connect with people like you, create your own podcast, visit [link].

To increase the size and value of your network

Podcasts can be a great way to speak with people that you might not have met otherwise. Every person invited to your show could someday turn into a valuable contact for life.

This is due to the fact that industry experts are more apt to make themselves available for podcast interviews as your show’s popularity increases.

Most people will agree to be a guest on your podcast show

A podcast is a great platform to leverage to reach out to people you might not have been able to otherwise.

Every person you invite to be a guest on your show can potentially be a valuable contact for life. As I write this article I’ve interviewed over 250 guests for my podcast shows, I’ve kept in touch with many of them.

Some of your podcast guests become good friends and business partners

Some of them have become very close friends, and in many cases, we have worked together on certain projects or simply shared ideas to help each other succeed. As your audience grows in size, your ability to connect to the high profile experts in your industry increases. As you grow your audience, you’re able to speak to people who are experts in the industry…

6- Build your reach with your podcast episodes

Building your reach on social media is crucial to success in today’s world. Of course, the (Search Engine Optimization) SEO benefits are huge for podcasters, absolutely huge, we will discuss this in another post.

Why Do You Want A Podcast Show? | The Ultimate Guide

Both of these elements are crucial and the credibility and authority that a podcast gives you if done right is absolutely crucial to opening the door to new business relationships and people who engage and share your content…

From the lessons we have learned in launching multiple shows and interviewing many public figures, celebrities and luminaries building these relationships are key elements in launching your show, building an audience and being a podcast host is becoming the new “cool” job.

All you have to do is host, record a podcast, 10 years ago if you said I would want to create a podcast and record a podcast I would have thought you were nuts. Let alone editing the audio myself using FREE software and run my own podcast website; understand audio quality, podcast hosting, show notes and the creation of them and my own website I would have probably thought you were totally insane.

Every episode that I record is another chance for me to learn something new, editing software is still not easy to use, although editing is a lot easier as is actually doing the interview. Editing software is actually free and recording can be done in multiple ways depending on your budget and requirements. I love podcasting as it is so much fun, podcasts create so much fun for me and usually, my co host enjoys it too. Over the years I have worked with a number of people, hiring a co host is not easy but they bring so much value to your show.

7- To build an audience

A podcast is a way for you to grow your audience. Uploading your podcasts on iTunes or Stitcher can make your content more visible so that it can be found in searches and that helps to build an audience if it is properly optimised for search. For example, a wine show might be discovered through these channels.

Why Do You Want A Podcast Show? | The Ultimate Guide

It’s easy for listeners to move on from your show if they are not converted into loyal fans, those who like the style and content of particular podcast episodes may enjoy them when it comes out every week.

You must build a loyal following who eagerly awaits your new episodes so that you can be heard by new listeners who hungrily devour your podcasts.

It is possible to have more than one tribe based on different styles or personalities, but the important thing is to find one online where you can share common ground with these people. This is why having a co host is so important as it opens up the potential of doubling your potential fans.

8- Learn from your guests and learn by doing

You might be thinking: “I’m not an expert at anything, I don’t even have a microphone… so why should I have my own show?” Well if you want people to listen then they need to like what they’re hearing! If you are open-minded and willing to learn from others, anyone can get started today without any previous expertise.

Why Do You Want A Podcast Show

Learn New Skills

Running a podcast will also help you learn how to write, to interview people. When you listen to your own show; you will be able to be a better producer and a better presenter in the next round of recording and video. You can start recording at the start of the year with a few friends and friends willing to support each other on your own.

I have learnt so much from interviewing my guests and made some great friends too Learn more about that here: Futuristic Podcast Host: Trusted Advisor

When podcasting taking the time to at least have some basic equipment (a Microphone), a good audio track for the intro, good hosting and if you are doing video having people on your team who know how to edit and record videos, and how to learn new skills from other sources – it’s a good option if you want to go back to the studio to build and socialise more with your friends or family. It’s also a good way to learn your own podcasting skills and make your own videos more accessible and use your knowledge of audio editing…

9- Become an authority in your niche

To position yourself as an authority in your industry

If you’re interested in hosting a podcast, it has the same effect as publishing an ebook or running a blog. It helps develop your reputation as an expert and allows you to work on numerous opportunities in the future.

Why Do You Want A Podcast Show

You may also offer coaching or consulting services for people who are interested in your area of expertise or requesting personal advice from you. As they ask follow-up questions and request a higher level of engagement, you can start to grow opportunities in your niche…

Checkout this example: Bricks And Mortar Retail 101 Podcast

Having information about your successes read: Words To Use In Your Resume Or CV

10- Make Money and Quit your day job

You can make money from your show although at the beginning you may need to do the intro, the marketing and editing of the episodes yourself if your budget is tight. If you love the security of a Job you can learn: How To Get A Better Paying Job here.

Why Do You Want A Podcast Show

There are many ways to record and monetize your podcast. For example, if you have a high enough download number, you can charge sponsors for advertising on your show and introduce their products/services. You could also promote your own products and services and include affiliate links to convince people to purchase them.

You can grab the Podcast Recipe Free Training Here: Podcast Recipe Course

11- Grow sales leads for your business

It is a great way to grow sales leads, when you are seen as the expert in your industry it becomes so much easier to build solid contacts who refer you business. Your ideal customers may even be listening to your episodes.

Why Do You Want A Podcast Show

When you launch a podcast episode in your business, it can be an easy way to promote and grow sales leads, the hosts usually build strong relationships with potential clients, and your show’s marketing can be easier if you have a business behind it.

Hosting a podcast and using your episodes to create backlinks is massive for SEO (Search engine optimisation). Each episode you create in fact builds a number of backlinks, if you have your show notes on your website then you will be able to see the benefits of these over time.

Your audio files can be used to create transcriptions and be used on your website as an easy way to create blogs, podcast hosting doesn’t really effect the SEO of your website if you have best practices.

There is a lot of FREE information out there online about podcasting and podcast hosting and other elements need to be considered, as do decisions like where to host episodes, how to record your episodes.

Recording good quality, meaningful audio and creating good quality episodes is key to creating more social media engagement, more conversations and stronger relationships with the correct audience for your business.

Your episodes act as a very powerful relationship builder and you need to make sure your audio editing is done well. Your episode must contain high quality content and your intro must contain some great music and a good voice. Your website needs to embrace your podcast and it needs to be able to showcase your content so that people enjoy whatever track they listen to from their preferred podcast player and they must be able to find your show easily.

You can also do Guerrilla Event Marketing Strategies to support your show!

12- Find more enjoyment in your life with audio

Recording a podcast is so enjoyable, the knowledge you get to learn from your guests can be absolutely transformational if you interview the right people of course.

The podcast has been a game-changer for me. It’s given me the opportunity to be creative and learn something new, which in turn, has helped my creativity blossom as I work on projects outside of broadcasting. Working with audio and video every day is also a great exercise for your brain so it doesn’t get bored or lazy.

Why Do You Want A Podcast Show

Having to record a podcast is extremely rewarding as is building relationships with your audience. Sure editing audio, video and worrying about all the elements that go into your podcast may be a challenge but I can assure you it is completely worth it.

When you record that first interview and host an epic show, it feels amazing; you create an amazing audio experience with your co host for all those listeners.

You get to find a creative output like no other, where you can even choose the music, brief the voiceover talent and despite your lack of knowledge around podcasts, the editing of them and the podcast hosting you need to evaluate, you will thoroughly enjoy podcasting.

Recording a podcast is fun!

One of the best reasons you should start your own podcast is because being a podcast host is a lot of fun! Of all the activities that fill up my calendar throughout the week, recording a podcast episode is definitely one of my favourites!

Podcasting with experts on a topic you are interested in but don’t know much about, and consider starting an interview-based podcast and inviting other experts to share their advice on your show. Either option is bound to be a blast. You never know what subjects you are passionate about and it’s a blast to start a podcast on your favourite topics and get the best interview show to hear from your audience. Get ready to start your podcast…

13- Use a Podcast to Find business partners

Podcasting is a great way to find business partners, employees and collaborators for very low cost, practically free, although you must remember time is money and busy business people will not want to wait around for you to create their interview, they will want you to be on time and this is of paramount importance.

Why Do You Want A Podcast Show

How do I know about podcasting and business relationships? I’m doing it!

When I interviewed Kim-adele on my podcast show in August 2020; we had been wanting to get involved with an educational, purpose-driven business for some time.

Keep in mind Kim-Adele and I met on my podcast and spent a considerable amount of time building a friendship and a business relationship, if you are to do something similar you must expect to be good at marketing both you and your show, you must be able to handle production and the length of your show must not eat into your other work too much.

The business MasterMindSet was launched in stealth mode shortly after, Kim-adele and I formulated our business relationship and a solid friendship.

Also be careful as the wrong people may askCan I Buy You Coffee? Or Lunch ?”

I started a podcast with the goal of connecting with the right people who want to start a business. In this episode (the first one!), you’ll hear our first formal interview when we discussed imposter syndrome together.

Behind the mic, it was just two entrepreneurs getting on

To us it was just two entrepreneurs getting to know each other a bit better and as I said we went on to launch a company together. How did we meet? We found each other through a mutual friend and mentor of mine (co-founder of Positive Personal Power Podcast) and then Kim-adele was a guest on our show!

The most common way that listeners find us is by searching for “podcast” or “business podcasts,” but some have also heard about us from friends, family members or social media posts.

You might be surprised at just how many ways people can learn about your business via a podcast – so make sure you promote your show in more than one place so new fans can find out and you never know you may attract the right business partners or recruit the right people. You just never know.

14- Use a Successful Podcast to sell your products or services

If you have something to sell, I recommend starting a podcast. Your podcast doesn’t necessarily have to be super relevant to your product or service.

Why Do You Want A Podcast Show? | The Ultimate Guide

Selling your product online is much easier if you have good SEO rankings as well as greater relationship-building opportunities. This is only true if the show’s content relates to what listeners are seeking out to improve clicks, share and engagement levels!

It’s also worth mentioning that podcasts are a great way to make money on the side. If you’re already an established blogger and want more cash in your pocket, why not launch a podcast? You can monetize through ads or sponsorships for new products as well as selling tickets/access to live events like book signings and workshops.

15- Host a podcast to Tell customer stories

Audio content is convenient for the consumer

As marketers, what we are competing for most is someone’s attention, according” to Seth Godin. A podcast is audio, and can be consumed while the listener is also doing something else, like cleaning, driving, or exercising.

Why Do You Want A Podcast Show

Audio content is portable and convenient. It doesn’t distract the listener from their current activity, it enriches it. Someone can listen to your podcast episode(s) while cleaning their house or driving, driving in their car, jogging or exercising at the gym. It’s difficult to ignore everything else that wants your attention, like reading an article or watching a video in its entirety, but podcast content can easily be consumed with someone else….

To Summarise: Why On Earth Do You Want A Podcast Show?

In this post, we walked you through some of the reasons people start a podcast, some we think are worthwhile reasons, others not so much.

Many people schedule video interviews, they schedule their podcast episodes to upload to apple podcasts, which used to be called iTunes and they schedule their videos to be on youtube, they complete their first episode and they are so elated, they don’t have good sound, they don’t have their mic set on the right setting to have high-quality sound.

The thing is that it really doesn’t matter as much as we like to think. The most important thing with podcasting and shows like ours is that the guests must be happy they must like your style. You must enjoy having a guest on your show to make the most epic episodes you need to make it easy, you need to be one step ahead during the week prior to your interviews you need to keep in mind that good guests are the ones that can become your co-hosts if you become too busy to record and submit your production to apple podcasts and other channels.

Make sure you have a plan, who do you want to target?

Shows like ours are aimed at a very specific group of people and much like the Duolingo language-speaking app we have a plan of why we need to have a show of high quality, why we need a good intro and why we need to spend time, effort and money on the production of our show. The microphones that we use are not that expensive and the related work we have to do is not huge although being mindful of the time we have available it is possible to submit multiple shows of shorter length episode(s) to your hosting software provider’s platform for ease of distribution.

As we said at the beginning of this post!! Did you know that podcasting is the fastest-growing online radio format? It’s true – and it’s easy to get started.

If you want to did into creating strategic content listen to this interview I did with Wendy Harris: Making Conversations Count Podcast With The Epic Wendy Harris

Before you start your podcast, I recommend that you find a good microphone. A headset will work fine for most people but professional podcasters usually insist on a quality USB mic or stand-alone recording device.

To Summarise: The article above focuses on people getting started with ease and guidance and generating tremendous results from each podcast episode.

But why?

Why launch a podcast? It helps you improve all areas of your life.

Especially Personal Branding: Checkout 10 Personal Branding Strategies Infographic with IBM

What is the fastest growing online radio format? Podcasting!

So to conclude: Whatever style and format of podcast show you have if you have a great format, a unique production angle and your style is guest orientated, you will do well with your show. Providing the content is interesting of course.

The best practice guide is as follows:

  • Buy the best equipment you can afford
  • You don’t need an expensive microphone
  • Set up your studio so it is quiet
  • Get great guests for each podcast episode
  • Pick a great niche to focus on
  • Decide on a great podcast episode title
  • Ask great questions
  • Stay on track with your show
  • Plan to win, do not plan to fail
  • Don’t give up too soon

Conclusion: If you’re thinking about starting a podcast show, it’s important to take the time to answer the question of why you want one. With so many great podcasts out there, it takes more than just having a microphone and mate Dave to make your show successful. The Edison report has some great stats on what makes a successful podcast. So contact us if you want help setting up your show and leveraging our experience for success.

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