Blab On Personal Brand and Social Media

Here is my first blab and contains some really good advice on your personal brand! What you should and should not do on social media. 

In this video, Dan Gold and I share our secrets on personal branding and how to use social media to build authority, credibility and utilise online networking to build connections with all the right people to ensure your career becomes more exciting and of course rewarding for you.

Dan Gold and I have both utilised our personal brands to get a job and to obtain new clients and make our careers more fulfilling and here we share some of this knowledge to build your understanding to a level so you realise you need to take sufficient time to craft your brand and build strong relationships with your peers.

We share some secret tips on where to begin to build our brand, firstly we begin by creating a statement of what business are we in. Without knowing this it makes it a lot more difficult to build our personal brand.

What do we do on a day to day basis that gives us authority when we speak, how do we fit this into our conversations without being to arrogant and revealing the right information to our audience?

Crucially we need to think about why we are different and use the right words to explain this to our target market. Dan explains how you validate your personal brand and when you are mentioning brand names offering the context of your connection is crucial to success.

We discuss how we set out our shop window and how we use the right words to build this authority, keeping a simplistic view is crucial to marketing oneself and how digitial marketing is just a lot more channels and faster analysis of data.

We shoud be about being real, being of value and being natural and working with people who do like us and when we start a new job or business we need to let go of the thought that we can brand ourselves overnight.

Learning about our area of expertise and getting to know as much about it as possible, without taking this valuable time to learn knowledge it is critical to engage with the right people to make sure that we don’t waste our valuable time.

Personally I have changed the words I am using and I have changed the content I am sharing with people, with the underlying thought that everything I do makes me “a man of value” .

Servicing your audience is also crucial, making sure you share real content from your life, being a real vulnerable person like everyone else is important it makes us closer to our potential clients. Who is our audience, what are my values and how can I help them.

If you have the time please watch the video below or contact me on Twitter @natschooler

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