11 Reasons Why You Need To Build Your Personal Brand

Why Build Your Personal Brand?

Modified 18/02/2022

There are many reasons to build your personal brand, of course, there are the obvious ones, directly related to income levels and standard of living. There are also the less obvious self-esteem boosting reasons and more fulfilment at work can mean more happiness at home too.

Since this article was written I have worked with many major brands and household names and interviewed some of the top luminaries of our time. It is the best investment I have ever made!

Building your personal brand with blogging also means that you may become someone who can build their authority and gravitas in the eyes of your peers. So, you have a chance to share your perceptions, knowledge, insights and experience with any reader of your blog and perhaps help them to do likewise. Passing on all this for the benefit of others is very rewarding.

Communicating valuable information to your community via your blog and social media channels is a key part of building your brand. Without having a blog, you will be sending traffic to other people’s websites and building their opportunities instead of yours.

11 Reasons to “Build Your Personal Brand”

1) To open new professional opportunities, whether that means a new job in a new company, a promotion, or it may mean starting your own business or even formulating a partnership, building the brand of you is key to all of this.

2) Building stronger relationships with your clients and your network, so if they hear of any business opportunity you will be the first to hear and they will also assist you in any way possible as they know you have a certain weight behind your “persona”.

3) Adding depth to current existing relationships and adding value to them that brings something tangible to them, that they may act upon, hence building the brand of you is crucial.

4) To build up an audience from blogging where you could potentially launch a product and service offering designed specifically with them in mind.

5) Building the brand of you is key to finding the right mentors; they can see who you are without wasting time.

6) Crafting your brand allows people to understand what synergies you may have, what makes you ‘tick’ and leads to more productive, meaningful relationships.

7) Building your brand is a proven way to craft a positioning and a differentiation and staying ahead of industry developments as a “Thought leader” in your field.

8) Building recognition within your industry for the hard work that you have put in builds your self-esteem and can build your credibility amongst your peers and industry influencers.

9) Your cutting edge knowledge and expertise commands a premium and you will be able to leverage this value in your fees and negotiate better payment terms and perks of the job.

10) Creates a revenue generator rather than a direct cost to the businesses you work with, considering how many new business leads your articles, videos and social media accounts generate.

11) Expanding your knowledge and credibility into other areas of your niche.

Sharing your unique voice and not being afraid to stand up and be yourself is one of the best things I have ever done in my professional career and it certainly also helps to build your personal brand. A personal brand is the image of yourself or your company that presents to the public. It can be used in marketing, advertising, and other forms of promotion for your company too. There are many more reasons why one would want to build their personal brand.

Don’t forget that your personality and opinions may not suit everyone’s taste. So take the time to consider who you are and who you would like to work with. Then you make sure that you show this off in your blog and via whatever content you create.

Build Your Personal Brand

Why Build Your Personal Brand

Do not become just another carbon copy of someone else you have seen online who you think looks good! Be yourself and don’t be afraid to move forwards and grow into the person that you would like to be and in many cases already are.

It is good to buy your own domain name for controlling your reputation

I recommend you buy your own domain name for example www.yourname.com and set up your own email address to begin. Then build your own website, using a platform like WordPress is the best solution.

Once you have installed your website or blog, I would recommend you teach yourself how to use it. It is not necessary to be able to code or be good at graphics, you can always hire people if needed.

Building a blog to support my personal brand is one of the best investments I have ever made! It has helped me to achieve great things in business and to enjoy helping others to do the same.

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90 thoughts on “11 Reasons Why You Need To Build Your Personal Brand”

  1. Great article, Nat. I completely agree. The challenge is where and how one develops one’s personal brand and how one finds the value proposition. It’s reasonably easy to grow a Twitter following, for example, but it takes time to develop one’s content and value proposition. Time is often something we do not have unless it is our business to develop our own brand.

  2. Hi Nat,

    Thanks for your thoughts and sharing it.

    Building my personal brand seems awkward to me. I already have a brand, I am a brand. I am unique. I learn, I discover more of life, whats intrigues me, whats is of my interest and I learn more about myself.

    Blogging (and sharing) is my way to let people know all of that. With that people have the ability to get to know me, to like me and to follow me. With always as a kind of result an ‘social transaction’.

    And ‘social transaction’ is what drives me. It gives me the opportunity to learn, to get new clients, to share knowledge, to have a dialog, to discover this world.

    I don’t want to build a brand, the world out there have to deal with the person I am. It’s up to them.

    Big Hug,

  3. You hit me up, asking my opinion about blogging to enhance a personal brand. I know it’s significance and understand the perks thast go along with “blog branding” because I’ve written a blog since 2009.

    So for sure, you’re on point here. I totally agree. Well said, Nate. And to inform people that don’t “get” it… well done.

  4. Your personal brand is key to your livelyhood in this day and age. I couldn’t agree more. There are so many great points in here to note. I love this: “crafting your brand allows people to understand what synergies you may have…” To work synergistically brings out the passion in all involved. The energy elevates.
    Thanks Nat, for inviting me to read.

  5. Hi Nat,

    A very good blog and I wholeheartly agree with your points. In fact, my main marketing channel is social media. I use LinkedIn extensively to build an appropriate community and also Twitter likewise. As a result I get all of my enquiries from LinkedIn and via my website as the social media channels push traffic to the website. I am reguarly surprised how often people seem to prefer to send me messages via LinkedIn when they have my direct email address.

    Anyway, as I have said, a great blog.

    Thanks for sharing

    Best wishes


  6. Hi Nate,

    Thought this blog was extremely thoughtful and was “kept simple” for people like myself. The content was very good and insightful and makes me want to purchase a domain.

    I realize that sharing one’s contacts through blogging isn’t creating a revenue stream for me – no doubt why I do not blog as often as I should. However, that being said, the fact that you asked for my opinion tells me a great deal of about who you are and your special personal branding you are engaged in.

    Bravo Nate!


    • Ah thank you Marilyn,
      I have been very fortunate to have a superb strategic brand expert to guide me. It has taken me many years…and lots of time, however I think it has been worth it. A very rewarding process along the way too.
      I will be writing a few more articles around this subject in the next three weeks.
      Best Regards

  7. All pointers given Nathaniel are relevant . I would add – To have your brand seen on all major social media networks vital. To be credible even stronger.To be consistent and competent adds to the reputation of your brand.

    Warm Wishes, Carolyn Williams

    Get your brand seen and promoted to increase your revenue. Use social media for business►http://cardiffboardroom.weebly.com

  8. Great post Nat

    I think you cover off most things here. Even in a corporate job as an Account Manger I was always looking to create a personal brand or Me PLC! The trick is to be authentic rather than follow the crowd. That way you stand out!

    Being authentic is often about what you let go of rather than adding stuff. Old beliefs and behaviours that were grafted on in order to deal with early live circumstances can get in the way of realising your best self. Having a coach is therefore a worthwhile investment.

    I strongly agree with your point about valuing your knowledge. Never underestimate the power of your knowledge. Your intellectual property and the way you articulate it has value in the marketplace.

    As for writing a blog you need also to have a lot of ‘real estate’ on the web which has a consistent brand. So I agree with Carolyn above that being present, consistent and active on social media is key.

    Thanks for a thought provoking post. It’s rare to find posts to comment on!

    Best wishes


  9. Hey Nat,

    Thanks for the clear points. They act as a good reminder for me to carry on sharing my knowledge. Sometimes I feel to modest to do so and am unsure about my knowledge, but it is about starting a dialogue with your readers I guess. I love how you reach our personally.

    gRTZ ben

    • Thank you so much Ben,
      Everyone has such valuable knowledge to pass on!
      When coaching and working with clients I have learnt huge amounts.
      It really motivates you to know your subject but always be open to learn from others…say no to ego! 🙂
      Best Regards

  10. Agree building personal brand is now a necessity for today’s professionals.

    One thought is that it doesn’t necessarily matter which channel you choose to do this on. A blog might work for some while others can build their brand by commenting on others blogs, or perhaps posting in a LinkedIn group. I’ve even seen some powerful personal brands built simply by running a Rise weekly leaderboard if sector influencers.

    The keys are authenticity, quality and consistency. The actual platform doesn’t matter too much.


    • Thank you so much Iain publishing too frequently can be a bad thing if the time isnt taken to get the post right, hence why the next one in this series isn’t quite ready 🙂 lol
      Best Regards

  11. You nailed it indeed. For me brand development and building is long term and requires consistency, discipline and focus and as you say, do it with an objective in mind – especially as a pro so that your followers (audience) then turns into paying clients in future.

    There are three things that one must bear in mind within the whole concept of brand building. These are
    1. Position
    2. Audience
    3. Influence

    Position has to do with finding the ideal place in which to “fish” and “set up” your strategy for growth.

    Audiences are critical as these always convert if placed into the right funnel. The better the funnel and greater the quality of leads (usually generated by your activities and your brand) the better the conversion.

    Influence is that process of you helping them figure out that you (and your brand) has the means to “scratch the itch” they have.

    Thanks for the insights above!

  12. Hi Nat,

    First of all … great post 🙂 !

    Seems like the perfect “personal coaching framework” everybody should be using even when you don’t own your own business … like me. I especially like n°5 you truly need a sparring partner, mentor who can guide you on this “journey”.

    For sure I will try and translate some of your advice onto my own “personal brand”.
    Do you remember that you where once (beginning of this year) one of 2 people who really got me going on social media? THX a million for being a great coach! #KeepItGoing


  13. Hey Nat,

    Personal branding is great, but it is not so easy. People work hard but don’t really get the positive response. You may have noticed there are many bloggers who named the domain name with their own name.

    People should share their thoughts to a build a powerful audience. They need to connect with new people. Spreading the words of wisdom is the key.

    Great post indeed.
    Have a great day.

  14. Hi Nat,

    This is a really good blog! I agree that when blogging you can end up writing and expressing the same opinions as someone else who you think is doing better in these respects. It is very important to bring forth your personality and creativity into writing – it is a unique feature that we all have!

    Great post, indeed.


  15. Hi Nat

    This is indeed a great post and it also made me realise that a person need to create their own blog and not only blog with others. since I am and the beginning stage of starting a venture with my brother your blog have given me a few ideas.

    As always, your blogs are very insightful. Love them.

  16. The takeaway is to take a position and write in your own unique voice. Whatever platform you use, the next most essential step is to self-promote, without being overwhelming, via assorted communication channels.

    Good stuff.


  17. A great conversation starter article Nat – thank you. To add to your value-rich list..
    I 100% agree that owning your own piece of digital real estate is a MUST. Whilst Facebook, LinkedIn etc are super useful and important in expanding your reach and network – ultimately whatever you post on their site belongs to them. You are at the mercy of any changes in terms they may dream up in the future. As they are mostly free – let’s call it squatting or digital sharecropping. Not a cool or smart place to lay your personal brand hat.

    I’m a newbie to the blogging community – starting my own blog The HR Rabbit Hole in February of this year. The biggest and most unexpectedly rewarding has been my mind-set shift and my own personal professional development. Reading widely and broadly across disciplines, connecting and engaging in conversations with individuals with whom I would not typically come into contact is a super bonus. A bonus in knowledge and ideas I now pass on to my clients and those I mentor.
    Thanks for your coach-in-a-post approach. Super appreciated.

  18. Hi Nat,
    Great insight and valued points. As always, for me personally finding the time in my hectic day to concentrate on the internet side of business is not always possible, but as you pointed out would probably benefit any growing business.
    Nikki x

  19. I really enjoyed your post and it was nice and convenient to read it on my phone too. Well done and keep going with the blog inspiration! As a creative myself, building ones personal brand is another project but you are right it is all important and thanks for the advice!

  20. Hi Nat

    I personally chose not to go down the self-branding line. That’s because businesses built around one person are more difficult to expand and almost impossible to sell on.

    Nevertheless, I can still see the many advantages to building a personal brand.

    In particular, small businesses owners often struggle for a unique selling proposition. Yet they can instantly set themselves apart just by becoming a personal brand.

    After all, there’s only one you. So you have no competition.

    • Hi Kevin
      Thanks for your comment, for some personal brand is a starting point for businesses, business brand second…this seems to be an effective method of business growth but of course like all marketing strategy takes time and effort to plan.
      Kind Regards

    • Hi Kevin,
      I agree yes a business built around one person is certainly difficult.
      But to build a business it is advantageous to have your team build their personal brands…
      Best Regards

  21. Hi Nat,

    Like the blog. Simple and clear, yet so powerful. This is so true & useful for the consulting world where people / clients need to know what you’re best at and what skills you can bring and where you can add value. Building a brand of yourself is so powerful to getting yourself known and of course getting more orders / work.

    I think would also be good to share tips on How to Build Your Brand, i.e. letting companies / individuals know why you do what you do! Happy to provide some light here (although I’m sure you have enough!)

    Just a thought? what do you think?

    • Hi Sanket
      Thanks very much for your comment, I think it is important to start at the beginning of the process and make sure you are positioning yourself in the correct place. Working out what makes you different…
      Lots more content will be around this topic over the next few weeks.
      Best Regards

  22. Hi Nat,

    Building a brand is so true for the consulting world which I’m in! and this article can definitely shine light on why you need to do just that, its simple, its clear and its powerful.

    Would be great to have an article to refer on How to Build Your Brand? What do you think?


  23. Good info about the way the world is chagning. I belive that self branding will become a basic part of growing up in todays age. The old days had resumes and cover letters and interviews to find out who you are but in todays age and further into the future a person will be indistinguishable from their brand.

  24. Good info about the way the world is chagning. I belive that self branding will become a basic part of growing up in todays age. The old days had resumes and cover letters and interviews to find out who you are but in todays age and further into the future a person will be indistinguishable from their brand.

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