MasterMindSet Sunday Supplement 311021

In our Twelfth Sunday Supplement we continue to grow:

“We can all doubt ourselves, waiting for the perfect time, but the reality is there is never a perfect time, there is only right now so trust yourself and go for it.”

Kim-Adele Platts

Topics discussed:

  • Founder@ InterviewInterview with Kim-Adele Platts and Nat Schooler
  • Who Needs a Coach? Is a question that many people ask themselves. Even coaches get asked this question! 
  • New Level EAP (Employee Assistance Programmes) To Combat Mental Wellbeing Challenges
  • Effective Job Seeking — Interview with Career Expert Craig Mcalpine

Founder@ Interview Interview with Kim-Adele Platts and Nat Schooler

“We can all doubt ourselves, waiting for the perfect time, but the reality is there is never a perfect time, there is only right now so trust yourself and go for it.” – Kim-Adele Platts

Today we feature Kim-Adele Platts and Nat Schooler, the founder at Mastermindset Ltd. We hear their story in their own words, their successes, their challenges and their insights.

Let’s start by getting to know you. Can you please tell us a little bit about you and what you do?
Hi I’m Nat Schooler and this is Kim-Adele and together we have co-founded MasterMindSet Ltd to help people to learn the mindset of the masters, share knowledge and fulfil their potential.

We are both passionate about self-development and about giving back. MasterMindSet offers a range of services from bespoke Leadership Coaching and Training to a new Elite Coaches Club, providing coaches with the community, skills, knowledge and support to grow their businesses and support more people.

In fact this year we also co-founded the first International Imposter Syndrome Awareness Day with our colleague Lisa Ventura, to provide free information, resources, and advice for people suffering from this all too familiar phenomenon.

A great introduction and start to this interview. Can you please tell us, how did you start, from what age, and what made you decide to change direction and start?

I started my career as a hairdresser before becoming a Board Director in the FTSE 500 where I continued to operate at the board level for the next 10+years.

I became a mum in my early forties, I knew some things would need to change however it wasn’t until my marriage broke down and I ended up in Acute Care with Pneumonia that I realised the platform was burning.

Being in hospital was the wake-up call I needed, I wanted to be there for my daughter, to be a good mum and to leave her a legacy to be proud of.

I left the hospital quit my job and started my own business, taking my 25+ years of Executive life, business transformation and coaching and honing it into a service to provide leaders and organisations with the knowledge and support to grow their businesses.

Two years on I trained to be a face whisperer and I met Nat by chance on a podcast. We immediately hit it off as we have similar values, beliefs and both wanted to help business owners, leaders and their people to thrive.

When I met Kim-Adele I was a renowned futuristic podcast host where I had the privilege of interviewing luminaries such as Stanley Tucci and Michael Tobin OBE to name a few. As we are similar ages we had a wealth of experience in business and a wide network.

As a result, we got talking about the challenges we saw facing leaders and business owners today, and how we could help. It was from these conversations that MasterMindSet was formed.

Choosing to become a founder seemed an easy step, our vision and purpose drove us to it although launching a new business in the middle of a pandemic is no mean feat and we have learnt plenty of lessons along the way.

Perhaps the most important is to have real clarity on what you are doing and why, trust us that really helps when the seas of business get stormy. It has been quite the journey so far and we are loving every minute of it.

Who Needs A Coach? Aren’t They For Successful People? (Nat Schooler and Kim-Adele discussed in the video below)

Who Needs a Coach? Is a question that many people ask themselves. Even coaches get asked this question!

“You are a coach why do you need a coach?” – Client

People think that coaches are just for successful people, or they are just for elite athletes. In this short interview and the transcript below Nat Schooler and Kim-adele discuss the importance of having a coach.

Why do people consider a coach?

What are the benefits of using a coach?

How do you find the right coach to work with?

New Level EAP (Employee Assistance Programmes) To Combat Mental Wellbeing Challenges

New level EAP is vital as we continue to navigate the pandemic and the move to a more agile way of working with more people working remotely talk turns to the rising challenge of mental well being and how we best support our people.

Mental health and mental well- being aren’t new, these have been topics that have been on the rise for several years as we see the challenges of our despair and compare society. The worrying increase of suicides and the increase in anxiety depression and other mental health challenges is a cause for concern.

As leaders, we understand our responsibility to provide the right care support and guidance for our people. Organisations have spent millions of pounds implementing employee assistance programmes to support their employees at times of challenge. These programmes provide invaluable support; however, in my opinion, they are too often the ambulance rather than the prevention, to make a change we need to view the problem through new eyes.

I believe we need to do more to be able to identify the early warning signs and view these assistance programs as wellness programs AS WELL AS mental health assistance programs. In our corporate lives, how can we better educate, upskill and empower our leaders to be able to safeguard their people? I believe there is a need to review the approach to Employee Assistance Programs. Leadership Development strategies need a fresh new look at continuous improvement and sustaining wellness AS WELL AS mental health and embrace BOTH methods.

New Level EAP (Employee Assistance Programmes) are vital to spot early signs of employees who are struggling with mental wellbeing challenges.

Our inability to spot the early signs to provide the right support to find the appropriate solution is causing untold costs not only in terms of the impact on the individuals but also on the bottom line of the organisation.

According to the Mental Health Organisation, UK having better mental health support could save organisations in the UK up to 8 billion pounds per annum. In their Mental Health Network statistics, they state that 1 in 6.8 employees suffer from mental health challenges they go on to state that you could attribute 12.7% of absence days to mental health also.

So much has been done to create a self-serve option for employees, but we know that those people suffering aren’t always in a position where they can help themselves. They can’t always find the words to seek for help. It is in those moments they need us to step in to have their back to look out for them to see the early signs and to listen to become the lifeboat they can cling to when the storm is swelling.

As we move into the new world and embrace constant change, the ‘always-on society’ needs to engage, empower and enthuse our people sustainably — this rests on our emotional intelligence and ability to connect.

Our current employee assistance programmes provide a significant amount of support for those people who were able to reach out to them, but what about those who can’t.

Effective Job Seeking 101 With Career Expert Craig Mcalpine

There are three key steps to finding a job. First, assess your strengths and weaknesses. Then, you must solidify an objective that is both realistic and ambitious we discuss the best approach.

Effective job seeking can be easier if you understand the best way to do it and who better to discuss with than Expert Craig Mcalpine. Craig is a leading specialist in all aspects of recruitment. We discuss the best ways to approach effective job seeking and what you can do to get the results that you want. – How Effective Job Seeking Is Achieved – Getting a good position within employment isn’t something that is easy for just anyone, it takes dedication and following the right steps. This was an inspiring conversation and no matter where you are with work it is worth listening to!

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