Effective Job Seeking 101 With Career Expert Craig Mcalpine

There are three key steps to finding a job. First, assess your strengths and weaknesses. Then, you must solidify an objective that is both realistic and ambitious we discuss the best approach and this episode which was (originally recorded for our publisher in 2019) is still completely relevant.

In this interview, Craig Mcalpine from MyCareerBrand.Net shares massive value which will really help you on your road to finding that next step on the career ladder.

Effective job seeking can be easier if you understand the best way to do it and who better to discuss with than Expert Craig Mcalpine. Craig is a leading specialist in all aspects of recruitment. We discuss the best ways to approach effective job seeking and what you can do to get the results that you want.

How Effective Job Seeking Is Achieved – Getting a good position within employment isn’t something that is easy for just anyone, it takes dedication and following the right steps. This was an inspiring conversation and no matter where you are with work it is worth listening to!

The discussion we had was about job search strategy, job acquisition and onboarding.
Key messages to listeners;
📌 It’s not just about getting your CV written – it’s a journey of discovery, knowing and communicating your value proposition aligned to where you want to be.
📌 Your LinkedIn profile is more than a 2-dimensional version of your career. Create, build and maintain your brand – develop your 3rd dimension.
📌 Interviews are about communicating your value proposition to your audience. Ensure you include them. Know their needs before you walk in the door.
📌 You are responsible for your own onboarding. Develop a plan including key stakeholders, deliverables and roadmap. Know what matters most and how success will be measured.
📌 Succession plan for you. It’s your career. Own it. Know your objectives. Plan your milestones, outcomes and key measures of success.

Craig is privileged to work with a fantastic team of #career coaches at MyCareerBrand.

You can also listen to this episode with Craig’s colleague Kaela on Honing Your Interview Skills To Land That Dream Job: With Executive Career Coach Kaela Hindle

Here are some more additional tips on finding a job you love!

Whatever you do in life you must be happy and it is our mission to help you to achieve that happiness!

Keep your job hunt a secret: Effective job seeking is best this way!

Some company policies may include making it impossible for people to lose interest in new positions. A rude step by your employee will result in a pink slip and may hurt your reputation.

If your superior asked you directly about your job don’t lie! frame it like this: ‘Lots of changes happen here recently. I don’t want to leave, but I’m a little nervous and I just think about the plan B, said Donald Burns. Even things like your wardrobe can help: If usual business casual clothes are spotted at a company event but are suddenly in jeans with a tie this is a large indicating of job opportunities. It could help if you schedule interviews before the start or before work and or make room for change in clothes.

Explore options where you are

Think about what frustrates you at work and examine whether or not some changes can help make things improve. If you don’t currently work with someone who understands that your development and their boss/organization is an implied contract and a common goal then perhaps discuss with HR or your line manager before you start looking.

Don’t use company resources when searching

Underperforming will tell your supervisor and colleague something. Avoid using company email addresses to access your existing working email. Recruiters see that discretion is usually part of the process and they are willing to do anything it takes to keep things quiet. Set up meetings and calls at lunchtime. Also, make sure your resume mentions the best hours to call. You can leave your work address behind without having access to your social media accounts and your older email address will be disabled.

Use social media to find a new job

Social media can be an important career asset if done in the right way. Don’t update your LinkedIn profile only when interested in new roles. If you update your profile constantly in a bid to get a job at another company you should take good precautions. You also should not discuss publicly work on social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook because it often monitors employee activity. Keep your profile locked and the jobs a job hunter posted are private said, Mattson. You should turn off public notifications.

Consider being a boomerang employee

If you left your previous job on good terms for good, it can be beneficial to get in touch with former colleagues. You won’t need as much time in the onboarding procedure, have a good understanding of the business’s technology and culture. You can also “boomerang” with companies who didn’t hire you said, Matthewson. Companies even get their own ‘intel reports’ of workers’ actions so that you can tell me: ‘Oh this person was beautiful. Maybe now he’s more senior or he’ll be given new skills or the keys to kingdom!”

Don’t be careless with your resume

“The idea that you could dump your resume is bad business,” said West. Don’t place your resumes for interviews on jobs sites either. It’s a clear means to get found out. Be careful who you give your resume to and explain to whom. West also cautions against getting a fake resume because they give you a secret. For more information visit [link] for more information on how to apply for a job visit [link].

What should I do if I’m made redundant?

If you lost your job when the pandemic began, you’ll find the best information for redundancy at GOV.UK. For a free help guide on redundancy on MoneySavingExpert.com Find out if you are due pay for Redundancy and what to do if you don’t think it’s being fair. Call the Samaritans on 116123.

What if I’m self-employed?

Around a quarter of the UK’s workforce is in self-employment and a third of these are graduates. Self-employed people do find it tough when things go wrong and many of the coaches we meet struggle to reposition themselves, struggle with finding clients and struggle with how to run a business.

As part of the Elite Coaches Club and the podcasts we will be looking to help them solve their issues in running their businesses in the coming weeks and months we will be running a series of live and recorded trainings and podcasts to help you to become a coach, or become a better business person and you don’t have to be a coach to join. You can do that below FREE for 30 Days!

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