MasterMindSet Newsletter 16

In this week’s MasterMindSet newsletter we cover:

  • Water Cooler Chat, Why It’s Important– LinkedIn Live This Thursday  
  • Work Life Integration- The Ultimate Guide
  • Who Needs A Coach? Aren’t They For Successful People?
  • It Is OK To Not BE OK: Kim-Adele’s story short video

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.

– Abraham Lincoln

Water Cooler Chat and Culture in the Virtual Workspace LinkedIn Live This Thursday 1.30PM UK Time

Water cooler culture is it dead?

How has it evolved with WFH?

How can we improve culture?

Register Here:

Work Life Integration- The Ultimate Guide

Including lots of other helpful resources:

How to ensure maximum productivity

Tips for creating a work-life integration

Creating the life that you want in three easy steps

Great ideas below for mental health working remotely from Sahar Hashemi OBE, co-founder of the coffee chain Coffee Republic and confectionery brand Skinny Candy. Since selling both businesses she has authored two books ‘Anyone Can Do It’ and ‘Switched On: You Have It In You.’

Listen to Sahar, Nadya Rousseau and Me Nat Schooler discuss.

Sahar pretends to leave and go for work when she goes for a dog walk and a routine of cold showers works for her morning routine.

Listen to Work Life Balance with Maverick Ex FTSE 250 CEO – Turned Tech Entrepreneur Michael Tobin OBE

Who Needs A Coach? Aren’t They For Successful People?

Who Needs a Coach? Is a question that many people ask themselves. Even coaches get asked this question!

“You are a coach why do you need a coach”?


People think that coaches are just for successful people, or they are just for elite athletes. In this short interview yours truly Nat Schooler and Kim-Adele discuss the importance of having a coach.

Why do people consider a coach?

What are the benefits of using a coach?

How do you find the right coach to work with?

You can read the blog here:

It Is OK To Not BE OK

Did you Hear Me? It is OK to not BE OK!

This is crucial to understand, if you are not ok and you are overwhelmed then speak to someone. Speak to someone who you can confide in and someone who you trust. Whether that is a coach or a mentor or a friend or a family member. Just talking about your problem will enable you to find a solution.

Taking the time to look at your situation and remembering that in perhaps a year or two years time and especially 5 or 10 years time it will be completely irrelevant and that you may not even think about it very often means that worrying or overthinking it now is totally unnecessary.

I spend a lot of time with Kim-Adele and I like the way she always looks at every situation and says: “What is this there to teach me?”

Here is a video Kim-Adele recorded and where she tells her story on this topic for the #ConfidenceHacker podcast (we will be adding to the almost 65 episodes around this in 2022) and telling more stories to inspire and build more confidence.

You can find more tips here on work life integration:

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