It is oK to Not BE OK #ConfidenceHacker

Did you Hear Me? It is OK to not BE OK!

This is crucial to understand, if you are not ok and you are overwhelmed then speak to someone. Speak to someone who you can confide in and someone who you trust. Whether that is a coach or a mentor or a friend or a family member. Just talking about your problem will enable you to find a solution.

Taking the time to look at your situation and remembering that in perhaps a year or two years time and especially 5 or 10 years time it will be completely irrelevant and that you may not even think about it very often means that worrying or overthinking it now is totally unnecessary.

I spend a lot of time with Kim-Adele and I like the way she always looks at every situation and says: “What is this there to teach me?”

Here is a video Kim-Adele recorded and where she tells her story on this topic for the #ConfidenceHacker podcast (we will be adding to the almost 65 episodes around this in 2022) and telling more stories.

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