Facial Decoding And Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Nat-Schooler and Kim-Adele discussed how they both had been neglecting themselves and how Nat has not been using his emotional intelligence as he should.

This podcast talks about the facial decoding people mapper system that Kim-Adele has qualified in and she is also able to teach it to others. This makes up part of the product offering that MasterMindSet will be delivering.

They covered quite a bit of ground in relation to self-care and mindset. Kim-Adele mentioned that when Nat had a 30-degree day, she didn’t really appreciate his lack of EQ as it was raining in the UK!

Nat has been learning the Facial Decoding system also and has been using it when engaging with new people. In particular, on Tinder, he had a date who was Russian and he found it particularly useful in understanding her. They also explored how reading people is important in life as well as how you can tailor your conversation to interact better.

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Nat Schooler and Kim-Adele talked about how we need to create a safe environment for people to ask questions without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. In order to do this, we have to first ask people if what we have said has resonated with them.

They also discussed how we can better engage with people. If you want to be sure that the message you’re portraying is positive or encouraging, it’s crucial that you take the time and thought to decide what message you want to portray. This interview will help guide you on how to do this and how to up your communication skills to connect with people on a deeper level.

Kim mentioned that the system of Facial Decoding she has been studying includes the 49 different facial expressions that a person can use to convey a feeling and that no matter which culture or gender you are, those feelings are universal. You can tell what someone is feeling by looking at their face for a 25th of a second. You need to be able to recognize these emotions so you can support your team because in some cases, they may be having mental issues or struggling.

Kim-Adele mentioned that when brands use pictures for an example of a woman smiling, people will most likely buy from her because the picture with a genuine smile makes them feel more comfortable.

Kim-Adele has identified how different people react to stress in their own way. They either respond by becoming loud or going silent. Neither way helps the situation move forward. Kim-Adele and Nat Schooler also talk about emotional intelligence and how important it is to be aware of what the person’s emotions might look like on their face to help them out if they’re stressed, upset, or disorientated. We haven’t taught people what these emotions look like that come so fast so the person can’t control them for a while now which has made it harder for people to help others without understanding when they’re stressed or not feeling comfortable in a situation.

As more and more people use artificial intelligence and also facial decoding and emotional intelligence, it becomes apparent that this can be used in a way that will make the world a better place. It’s important to have the right intentions for using whatever tools we have so that one can leave things better than they found them and bring something positive to the world.

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