Sunday Supplement 29/08/2021

Here in this week’s MasterMindSet newsletter, we feature four interesting interviews, all of which will inspire you and help you with your career, your life and your happiness.

MasterMindSet Sunday Supplement is a weekly round-up of interesting articles and interviews to help set you up for the week ahead. In our third supplement, we have the pleasure of releasing the most amazing interviews with Mark Metry Who Helps Shy, Stressed, and Anxious People Be Themselves Confidently In Front of Anyone | Forbes & TEDx Featured Speaker, Author, Podcaster, and Coach. And the amazing Mimi Novic Award-Winning Author, Complementary Medical Practitioner, Motivational Speaker and Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach.

Thanks for dropping by, we hope you enjoy this weeks newsletter and interviews. Please do reach out if you would like to digest some other topics. You can watch and listen to all the interviews on the page below.

Simple Ways to Achieve Mindfulness and Overcome Anxiety for Good

Nat Schooler and Kim-Adele were joined by Mark Metry. Mark Helps Shy, Stressed, and Anxious People Be Themselves Confidently In Front of Anyone | Forbes & TEDx Featured Speaker, Author, Podcaster, and Coach.

Overcoming anxiety is so important.

Mindfulness is a state of being that can be cultivated through practice. It’s not about trying to achieve something, but rather it’s an awareness and acceptance of what is happening in our lives right now. You achieve mindfulness when you stop resisting life and just accept it as it unfolds before your eyes. When we achieve this state, we experience greater peace, joy, and even improved physical health. In order for us to achieve true mindfulness, we need to work on three key areas: the body, the mind-consciousness and self-awareness. So how do you start? You’ll want to focus on bringing your full attention back into your body so that you can consciously feel all sensations as they happen from moment to moment without judging them or comparing them. You can read more here or watch the interview below in the video.

Personal Branding When Working For A Corporation

The subject of personal branding is one that doesn’t get a lot of attention in the corporate world. It’s not uncommon to see people who are passionate about what they do but leave their personal branding efforts at the door when they come into work. However, this can lead to missed opportunities and mistakes. In this short interview, Nat Schooler and Kim-Adele will discuss how you can incorporate your own brand into your work so that you’re able to be authentic while also maintaining professionalism for company standards.

personal branding
Personal branding is now table stakes
When working for a corporation there are many problems that can arise from building your personal brand the wrong way. In the video above we discuss.

Facial Decoding And Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Nat Schooler and Kim-Adele discussed how they both had been neglecting themselves and how Nat has not been using his emotional intelligence as he should. They covered quite a bit of ground in relation to self-care and mindset. Kim-Adele mentioned that when Nat had a 30-degree day, she didn’t really appreciate his lack of EQ as it was raining in the UK!

facial decoding
Understanding people using facial decoding is a game changer!

Nat has been learning the Facial Decoding system also and has been using it when engaging with new people. In particular, on Tinder, he had a date who was Russian and he found it particularly useful in understanding her. They also explored how reading people is important in life as well as how you can tailor your conversation to interact better.

This podcast talks about the facial decoding people mapper system that Kim-Adele has qualified in and she is also able to teach it to others. This makes up part of the product offering that MasterMindSet will be delivering.

Circles Of Perception With Nat Schooler

mimi novic
From one of Mimi’s many books!

In this interview, Nat Schooler was interviewed by the amazing Mimi Novic (Nat explained some of the lessons he has been through to find his purpose and Mimi and Nat discussed how he got somewhere in his career and he also discusses how he is helping his parents with their technology. Mimi was a wonderful host and the interview was enjoyed by all.

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