Brand Yourself: Personal Branding for Business Owners

Brand Yourself – (from Twitter this morning in my inbox.)

Brand Yourself for business owners is a great headline for an email and this article contains a lot of simple digestible facts that will help you on your journey. Whether you are an entrepreneur or business owner or even have a job, this article will help you gain clarity.

Headline: “You already have a personal brand – see how to refine it”

For those of you who missed the email!

“We want to help you get more out of Twitter, and Twitter Ads amplifies your efforts.

Personal branding can benefit you as well as the company you work for. Solidifying your personal message can attract new clients and grow your business.

Here are a few tips on personal branding:

The real you

Twitter is a place for conversation. Don’t be afraid to use your own voice and opinions to express yourself and share ideas.

Support your business

Promoting news about your company alongside your own personal brand expands both your and your company’s influence. Such promotions may help you gain clout at industry events and even attract job offers from competitors.

Refine your profile. 

Polishing your Twitter profile is a great branding exercise to start with. Pick a bold header image, a clear profile photo, and select a pinned Tweet representative of what’s most important to you. Also, include a link to a personal website in your bio.

Yes you can brand yourself and promote your personal brand on twitter

The Link takes you through to a blog that tells you it is important, the article is well written.

It tells you that Personal branding is just like regular branding (whatever that is?) and it is something that is often out of your control! (I disagree with this last statement, everything is within your control!)

It does cover these valuable points, which I discuss all the time with people.

Your personal brand is what you’ve done up to this point

Branding yourself right helps grow your business, generate leads, and close sales

You need a personal brand because you may not always be running this business

Consider a professional branding service — and brand yourself as a consummate professional (just what I can help you with).

The article also talks about a brand persona template is just what you need! This is like indicating that you are manufacturing a personal brand, you are a personal brand!

Brand Yourself so People Understand

Helps you to use the right words so people understand the “Why You?”

  1. What do you do in words everyone understands?
  2. What gives you credibility and authority?
  3. Why are you different and better than anyone else?
  4. What cornerstone words represent you authentically?

Once the wording has been put together to explain these key elements, you can begin to build your image and begin to craft your social media presence.

My top 9 tips to Brand Yourself on Twitter

  1. Use the key elements from your brand communications document, these words are used for all PR activity.
  2. Brief a photographer based on the document
  3. Get a design for your profile
  4. Never use #hashtags in your bio
  5. Have a link to your website on your bio
  6. Have a pinned Tweet
  7. Share valuable content
  8. Be friendly
  9. Have conversations

There are many more tips for Twitter and of course, it can be used for building your personal brand, but really what is the point if you don’t have all the above right first.

If you would like to set up your personal brand take a good look around the Legacy Media Hub for lots more free resources. In particular The Ultimate Guide To Personal Branding To Win.

Learn more on me: NatSchooler.Com – Futuristic Podcast Host, Trusted Advisor

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