My Personal Brand Took Time And Effort

My personal brand wasn’t magic!

it was carefully crafted, much like building a building.

To build my personal brand took time to draw up the plans. Then to put in daily effort to build the all important foundations, the wording was crucial to making it work.

Building credibility, authority and trust does not just happen over night. These elements of your personal brand take more time than one would expect.  

Showing off why you are different and why you are better than anyone else; are also key elements that matter when building your own personal communications document. Once complete this document makes up the foundations for all your communications.

Ideally these words can then be used for your LinkedIn profile. Your CV or Resume and other social media channels. All the way through to podcasts, newspaper and even television interviews. This is just why it is crucial to employ an expert to assist you to make it work.

You spend tens of thousands of dollars educating yourself and building and running social media channels. Does it not make sense to build a clear document that all your employees can use to promote your personal brand.

My personal brand took time and effort!

My personal brand was not initially built with words and that is why obtaining success was hard work. If you want to learn more you can always read The Ultimate Guide To Personal Branding To Win.

I took time to create the words I needed to make my brand work for me and the businesses that I work for. Fortunately, I did this before most others in my space.

I was approached by IBM to write and to do influencer marketing work for them.

Building my personal brand was the best investment I have ever made. Investing in your personal brand is something that I encourage everyone to do. It is important to spend the right amount of time crafting it.

If you are unable to do it yourself you need to find an expert.

I remember discussing the brand blueprint document with someone. He just wanted a ‘LinkedIn profile’. I asked him if he had a communications document and he promptly said ‘no’.

This lead us into a conversation about his personal brand and he wasn’t sure what he needed. I think he was just looking for a quick, cheap fix…

A quick fix is not something that you should do for your personal brand. You will need to usually get it fixed later.

Doing things wrong will cost you in the medium to longer term, you will probably not get that next promotion. You will probably not generate the same number of leads, that you would, if it was in tip top shape…

I know loads of personal branding consultants, they vary in price and in the sort of industries they work for!

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