#114: Sharpen Your Skills Like a Praying Mantis (and Skip the Steak Coma)

This week’s newsletter finds me reflecting on dietary choices. Was the Italian or Spanish steak the wiser option? (Sorry vegans for the second week in a row).

Perhaps a video on mantis-inspired stretches is more appropriate…

The Power of Adaptation:

I recently saw a video showcasing a Praying Mantis Kung Fu master’s incredible ability to withstand blows and deliver powerful counters. He embodies the principle of adapting knowledge to one’s unique strengths. This resonates deeply, as blindly following any path, be it martial arts or marketing or technology, rarely leads to mastery. Our differences are our assets! By tweaking and personalizing what we learn, we unlock true potential.

Tim Ferris vs. Reality:

Speaking of adaptation, enter Tim Ferriss, attempting to conquer Brazilian Jujitsu in 5 days. As a fellow Ferris fan (and occasional critic), I found this amusing. Watching him get arm-barred and choked was a healthy dose of reality. While his ambition is inspiring, true mastery requires time and dedication, not a crash course.

This Week’s Tech Titbit:

Exciting news in the clean energy front! Scientists at MIT achieved sustained fusion for 30 seconds, the longest duration ever recorded. This is a significant step towards replicating the power of the sun on Earth, offering a bright (and clean!) future for our planet. (Read more here: https://www.nature.com/subjects/nuclear-fusion-and-fission: https://www.nature.com/subjects/nuclear-fusion-and-fission)

Remember: Whether you’re mastering Kung Fu, coding, or writing newsletters, embrace your individuality, adapt your learning, and avoid food comas. Until next week, stay curious and keep learning!

P.S. Any tips on healthy and delicious post-steak stretches? I’m all ears (or should I say legs?).

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