Before we dig into this week’s meat and potatoes (sorry vegans) I would like to say how excited I am!  Here where I live in Croatia they have been digging my road to add pipes for literally 5 months mainly due to the rock here in Rijeka being so thick, it is ridiculous… 

The good news is that they have nearly finished digging.  And there is a new package of measure to support European startups and SMEs in AI, thanks to my friend Eu Digital Ambassador Nicolas Babin for letting me know, more info at the end of this post.

I mean literally we are probably about 10 feet away from them finishing and then adding some Asphalt to the road after the base layer…then I can look at buying one of those hanging chairs and take in some peace in the impending spring…!

Before we blink it will be March…!

This has been torture for me as I am quite a solitary soul and like to write and ponder and think strategically and of course to podcast.  This means I can start to do more videos without worrying if a huge hammer drill on the end of the digger will be making the most earth-shattering noise.  If you have never experienced this, as many UK holidaymakers clearly have on travel nightmares usually in Spain then I would not recommend it.    

Now onto opportunities!

In the face of naysayers and doubters, it’s easy to feel discouraged and miss out on the incredible opportunities that are all around us.  But don’t let these voices dim your entrepreneurial spirit!  The world is brimming with possibilities, waiting to be unleashed by bold individuals like you.

Consider the inspiring tale of Steven J Manning, the visionary behind the Megaforce Digigraph revolution in Eastern Europe and a rather large marketing business, like a Billion dollars large…

Steven’s relentless pursuit of innovation led him to introduce a groundbreaking product or an industry that didn’t yet exist in this region.  This audacious move not only disrupted the market but also birthed an entirely new industry, demonstrating the profound impact that one person’s dream or in fact their mother can have on the world.

Steven’s story and his 47 Billion in Commerce serve as a powerful reminder that opportunities are not just fleeting moments.  They are persistent forces that can be harnessed with determination and unwavering belief in oneself.  So, don’t let the naysayers silence your inner voice.  Embrace the excitement of the unknown and let your entrepreneurial spirit soar!

Tune in to THE MEGAFORCE DIGIGRAPH: HOW AN INDUSTRY WAS BORN episode to hear Steven’s inspiring journey firsthand.

Don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth.  Steven’s take: never ignore a horse coming your way!

Ignore this nonsense: opportunities are just around the corner. Nonsense. They are right in front of you or you find those when you actively seek them!

Get it here: https://youtu.be/vX20-8RNdn0

Opportunity will not knock on your door. It is not around the corner.

If you don’t believe that, give it a try standing outside, close your eyes tight and wish to be taller, better looking, richer?  Not going to happen.

However … there is always a “however”, is there not?

Lookout for some of our next interviews in the coming weeks here and on the BookBoon platform (an Access Group Company).

New package of measure to support European startups and SMEs in AI

Today, the EU Commission has launched a package of measures to support European startups and SMEs in the development of trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI) that respects EU values and rules. This follows the political agreement reached in December 2023 on the EU AI Act – the world’s first comprehensive law on Artificial Intelligence – which will support the development, deployment and take-up of trustworthy AI in the EU.

In her 2023 State of the Union address, President von der Leyen announced a new initiative to make Europe’s supercomputers available to innovative European AI startups to train their trustworthy AI models. As a first step, the Commission launched in November 2023 the Large AI Grand Challenge, a prize giving AI startups financial support and supercomputing access. Today’s package puts this commitment into practice through a broad range of measures to support AI startups and innovation, including a proposal to provide privileged access to supercomputers to AI startups and the broader innovation community.

Here is a link if you want more information.

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