Words To Use In Your Resume Or CV

Are you looking for a job? Or are you thinking of changing careers? Or looking to raise funds for your entrepreneurial venture? If so, it’s important to make sure your resume or CV is as strong as possible. A good resume can help you stand out from the crowd, while a weak one can easily cost you an opportunity. So how can you make sure your resume makes the best impression possible? By using words that convey strength and confidence. Check out the tips below for some words to use in your resume or CV. With these words on your side, you’ll be well on your way to landing the job of your dreams!

What Words To Use In Your Resume or CV?

Like many people, you want to show off your skills in the right light but are unsure what words to use in your resume or CV.

You may be scared that the words you are using may oversell you or that they may represent an unauthentic version of you.

The words you are using could cause you problems if you do make it to the job interview. The questions they ask you will uncover different words you have used and the impression you have given from your Resume or CV will not represent who you are in real life. This could make you feel pretty uneasy and the chances are that you won’t get the job.

It is a tough call to know what words to use in your resume

You are probably really keen to get a new job and have been updating your resume or CV with each job you have had. Of course creating a slightly different version of your CV for each job application, potential business partner or investor.

Your Resume or CV probably doesn’t include the right elements from your personal brand to represent you in the right light to obtain the desired result. You may be struggling to work out what words to use in your resume and need to take the time to think about it or get some expert help.

Why do you need to have a personal brand blueprint

Working out what words to use in your resume, without having a personal brand blueprint is not an easy task. It is very time-consuming and can feel like an uphill struggle.

If you take the time to create a personal brand blueprint you will be able to build your Resume and CV the right way. You will be able to have consistency across ALL your communications and you will be able to steer your career in the right direction. Your personal brand blueprint and your brand should be built whilst you are in a role.

I speak to so many people who are really happy in their jobs, most have not taken the time to update their resume or CV and when they find themselves looking for a new job or looking for funding, they find a certain element of panic kicks in as the whole process can be very time consuming and it makes it more stressful than it should be.

Creating your personal brand blueprint and building your brand before you need to move on is key

If you put your personal brand blueprint together whilst you are working, it will enable you to become an asset to the business you are involved with. You will be able to pick and choose from the opportunities that come along and of course, earn more money and have more career fulfilment, if you want some more reasons to check out this post 11 Reasons Why You Need To Build Your Personal Brand.

Usually, people find it hard to find the right words to represent who they are and find it a challenge to adapt their story for the new direction their career is heading.

Your resume or CV as we call it in the UK is usually sent to recruiters or well-meaning family members or friends. Who proceed to tweak it and then it is sent to suitable jobs. More often than not they use words that you would not probably use, they change the presentation of it to make it look better.

The only problem is that in many cases it doesn’t represent the real authentic you and it doesn’t explain who you are, in words that you would use in an interview.

This “unauthentic” version of you is then replicated on your social media channels as you “tweak” the wording from time to time. Whilst you think it is a great thing to mess around with the words and phrases you are using to describe yourself; it is probably damaging your chances of showing off who you are in the right light.

You must take time to let your personal brand blueprint work for you

When building your personal brand, you need to put your wording together and then allow it to work for you. Constantly tweaking along the way is not a good idea, it is fine to add in new awards you have won from time to time, but changing it means you look inconsistent, to anyone looking at you from the outside world.

You use your resume to post on job sites after a friend of yours has taken a look at it and added some adjustments, that represent some of your key attributes and or skills. Then you get called by recruiters, who may at the first show an interest in the skills and jobs you have had in the past and agree to find you a job.

It is a real problem for some, as they haven’t spent the time needed to create a brand blueprint first, so they feel all over the place with the words that someone else has written.

I spoke with a top-class executive PA a few years back and she was really struggling to find a job, she had all the best experience as she only worked with top ceos in the past.

Because she had worked with a number of high net worth individuals, she was not able to actually actively look for a job herself. She was a very secretive person and when sitting down with her and looking at her CV, we took some time to put together a brand blueprint statement.

She obtained two job offers within 36 hours of completing her CV using the personal brand blueprint we had created, so the answer is yes you could benefit from creating a personal brand very quickly if you invest the time needed to get your wording right.

I am here to help if you would like some assistance please email me on nat@natschooler.com

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