Self Leadership 101 – Be Responsible – Be Motivated…Take Control

Self leadership is the idea that you are responsible for your own life, and need to take control of it. In this article, we will explore what self-leadership means, as well as the benefits of being a leader in one’s life.

Once you can control your emotions and separate them from facts then you begin to be able to have the ultimate control over your life, and how you react to things that happen to you and your circumstances in life. Then you get to pay it forward.

Emotional intelligence is just that! It is emotional intelligence that controls how we react to the situations we find ourselves in.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

― Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

We do not control what life throws at us in many cases, although we can choose how to react to our circumstances, we can choose our emotions.

control emotions
Take control

All of these elements are also important to think about in the context of self-leadership and also one’s own self-motivation and will be featured in future media:

  • Goal setting (click here)
  • Self-analysis
  • Self efficacy
  • Self-compassion
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Resilience (click here)
  • Gratefulness
  • Humour, Art, Hobbies
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • A purpose-led existence
  • Continued self-development
  • Goal setting and implementation
  • Mindfulness practice and meditation (click here)

In the video below Kim-Adele and I discuss self-leadership.

With constructive thought and decision making abilities, without handling stress correctly we experience the fight or flight.

This state of mind restricts the way that we can think clearly with our whole being. 

Being relaxed and in a positive emotional state is crucial to maximising our innovative and creative thinking. (Frederickson & Losada 2005)

Developing a growth mindset and positively framing our experiences and choosing how we react to them is a big part of self-leadership too.

Controlling our emotional state is crucial to success and happiness

The emotional state we find ourselves in can be controlled by us and we can and do have every opportunity to control that. From prayer, meditation right through to reading, exercising and hobbies.

Of course, alcohol and other not so healthy addictions are used to avoid pain or delay it. Postponing our thoughts about the challenge we face as opposed to dealing with it.

controlling our emotions
Controlling our emotions is key!

Each one of us will have specific ways we take control of our emotions and handle stress.

Remembering why we started to focus on our vision for life really helps.

I have interviewed many leadership experts and CEOs and they all say that you either fix it or change it and if not you need to let it go.

What is self-leadership? – How can self-leadership help you?

Self-leadership is a skill that can help anyone to take more control of their lives and improve quality of life. Self-leadership is the art of being in charge of one’s self. It’s about knowing what you want, why you want it, and how to get there. Self-leadership is not just about taking care of your needs but also fulfilling your goals.

In order to have a successful self-leadership journey, it’s important that an individual be aware of their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and know when they need to make changes for personal growth or improvement. It will require discipline and dedication but with time these skills will become part of who we are as people which will ultimately lead us forwards.

Once we are aware of our key drivers and our emotions we learn how to boost motivation. Everyone is different in terms of the self-motivation techniques that they use and to remain self

Self Leadership 101 – Be Responsible – Be Motivated…

When we want to be successful, we need to stop looking at other people and circumstances as the reason for our failures. It’s time to take responsibility and see that the only thing that holds us back is ourselves.

In this blog and accompanying recordings, we will be discussing:

  • What is self-leadership?
  • The benefit of practising self-leadership in your life
  • Why is self-motivation so important and how do you find it?

What best defines self-leadership? Why should you be responsible for your own actions?

How to take responsibility and ultimately, how to take action…

Self-leadership is a term first coined by Charles Manz. Manz was the first to use the term ‘Self-leadership’ in 1983 and defined it as; “a comprehensive self-influence perspective that concerns leading oneself”. Peter Drucker (2010) said that being a Self-leader is to serve as chief, captain, or be the CEO of your life.

If you don’t take responsibility for your own actions and for the results you have achieved in your personal life or career then perhaps it is time to rethink a little.

Of course, you will have limitations, you will have challenges in life, however, self-leadership is something that is important to take control of what you can control and that is your self and how you control your emotions, control your response to your situation and aim to create your life consciously.

What are the four pillars of self-leadership?

There are many learned people who talk about the four pillars of self-leadership and from where I am sitting there are many facets to self-leadership. It begins with awareness of one’s emotions, are you able to control your emotions? Are you able to consciously focus on the direction you wish to head and are you able to motivate yourself to get there? and are you able to achieve the goals you have set out?

What is self-leadership and it’s importance?

Self-leadership is the ability to take charge of your life, be responsible for your actions and consciously direct them towards what you want your future to be.

Why is self-leadership so important? What are the benefits which will impact daily living?

Many people choose not to accept responsibility in their lives. Instead, they place blame on their parents, their school and outside factors such as the government or where they were born.

I certainly agree that many people have a tough start in life and are at a disadvantage, others develop disadvantages as they get older based on their choices. For the lucky few they have other elements of their lives to be dissatisfied with on occasion.

I also know many people who have had disadvantages fuel them, self-motivating and building the success they have developed from their actions. Lasting motivation in this context can be them not wanting to go through the pain again.

The sufferings we go through in life can be responsible for staying motivated. Once we work out our key drivers and how to become highly self motivated we learn how to stay motivated long enough to build higher self-esteem and to stay on track to success and to achieve the external reward we are seeking.

How do you develop self-leadership? How do you become a self leader?

Being a self-leader is about taking responsibility for your life and building momentum. It’s not easy to change habits, it takes awareness and understanding of what you need to do and then practise until it becomes part of who you are as a person.

Self leadership is also about setting goals that will change your life for the better. It is about finding self-motivation and maintaining a positive attitude whatever life throws at you. I am not saying it is easy but it is possible! You can stay motivated, you can control your self-efficacy and learn how to stay self-motivated despite whatever external factors life throws at you.

As human beings, we all have challenges in life and we must try our best to remain in control of our emotions as these emotions go on to drive what shows up in our outer world.

Owning your future success and taking your own self-motivation as two joined up items is crucial to taking control of your own life.

What does self-leadership mean?

A self-leader is someone who takes control of their own life and feels responsible for their actions and their outcomes. Learning how to achieve challenging goals and to find motivation when our personal drive may be lacking is crucial to success. Once we develop a better understanding of our personal goals and our goal-setting activities are closely related to our smart goals or OKRs.

What are the benefits to one’s life by becoming a self leader?

The benefits to becoming a self leader in your life mean that you take responsibility for yourself and your happiness. You find joy in accomplishing new things and have control of how you live your life.

What is self-leadership and its importance?

Self-leadership is the ability to take charge of your life, being responsible for your actions and consciously directing them towards what you want your future to be. The benefits of self leadership are that you become responsible for yourself and happiness.

Finally, self-leadership is all about having control in your life. It’s not easy but it’s simple to learn about, in practice not so easy.

What are the simple ways of self-leadership?

The simple ways of self-leadership are to channel your thinking in the right direction. Use positive self-talk, be aware of your emotions and their effect on you and get yourself motivated to get where you want to go.

Self-leadership is about having control over how you live your life, it can take time but can be learned.

Why is self motivation important for students?

Self motivation is important for students as it enables them to take responsibility for their own actions and strives to achieve what they can.

What does self motivation mean?

Self-motivation is the ability to stay focused and driven towards achieving goals, despite any setbacks you might experience along the way.

If you want to improve self-motivation then getting in touch with why you started is crucial. To increase self-motivation sometimes you need to work with a coach or work with a mentor or a colleague to get your life on track and boost your motivation.

Self-motivation is something that can be managed and can be improved and worked on to achieve success and that in turn will build more self-motivation as you achieve your dreams.

How can we motivate ourselves? What steps can we take?

There are two sides to motivation. Some people are afraid of failure and other people are motivated by success.

Once you work out which angle drives you the most then you can focus on taking action to get to the goals you have set.

Boosting motivation once you know what drives you is something that you can take control of as I mentioned earlier one’s ability to achieve goals is digging into our motivation style and staying motivated using external motivators and internal motivators.

Why is self-motivation important in our day to day life?

Self-motivation is important in our day to day life as it enables us to take responsibility for our own actions and strive to achieve what we can. Having a reason to get up in the morning is a big part of it too and to give 100%…

What are the steps taken by a self motivated person?

A self-motivated individual sets attainable goals and finds joy in accomplishing new things and has control of how they live their life and motivation is a key element in making progress in life and taking our life today and shaping our life for the future.

How does self motivation lead to success?

Self motivation leads to success by staying focused and driven towards achieving goals, despite any setbacks you may experience.

Only individuals who can motivate themselves can achieve their set goals.

How does self motivation lead to success?

Success is achieved by individuals who can motivate themselves because they stay focused and driven towards attaining their goals despite any hurdles faced.

What is importance of motivation?

Without an intrinsic motivation most people just don’t have the desire to do anything with their lives.

What are the benefits of self motivation?

The benefits of self motivation are that you become responsible for yourself and happiness. You can remain focused and driven to achieve goals, despite any setbacks you may face.

Other benefits of self-motivation in individuals are that they can set themselves goals and then focus on achieving them without distractions from others.

Self motivation enables individuals to take responsibility for their actions and strive towards achieving what they set out to do

What is the importance of self motivation?

Self motivation is important because it impacts the decisions you make and your behaviours. It enables individuals to take responsibility for their own lives, leading them towards a more successful life.

Self motivation is important for your health too; as it helps an individual to adopt a healthy lifestyle by nourishing the body with food suited for good health

Why does self-motivation lead to success?

Self-motivation leads to success by increasing a person’s productivity and happiness. Without this “intrinsic” motivation most people will not enjoy what they do with their lives.

What does self-motivation mean?

Self-motivation means having a desire to do something and following it through despite difficulties or challenges we may face along the way.

What is the importance of self leadership?

In the dictionary, self-leadership is defined as a person’s ability to organize himself or herself and his or her resources towards a certain goal. In business management for example, it involves the capacity of a manager to direct all activities within an organization towards one central focus – that of earning profit.  

It also encompasses being able to think positively about oneself and being emotionally stable in dealing with other people especially those who are higher up in the hierarchy. In education, self-leadership deals with students’ ability to set high standards for themselves and follow through until they achieve their goals.  In psychology, it deals with a person’s strong sense of purpose and conviction regarding how he or she would like life to turn out into the future.

Self leadership is about having control over how you live your life, it can take time but can be learned.

What is self leadership?

Self leadership is the ability to regulate your own behavior, make sound decisions, and take responsibility for both success and failure. It has nothing to do with being in charge of others. Self-leaders are confident people who are motivated by their values rather than external rewards or punishments.

What qualities must one possess if he/she wants to be a self leader?

The most important quality that you must have if you want to be a self leader is desire, if you’re not really willing to work hard then it’ll be very difficult for you to become one because it’s all about putting in the effort. You also need courage since while some people might think of you as crazy for wanting major changes in your life, some might even laugh at you when you say you are working on self-development…

What is a self-motivation example?

Self-motivation is a daily activity that requires you to go above and beyond your comfort zone. It means being able to act when circumstances are unfavourable; it takes great courage, resilience, patience, and stamina.

What are the benefits of self-leadership?

The benefits of self leadership can be numerous especially if one wants to change certain life circumstances like changing jobs or living areas. There’s also the benefit of an improved sense of well-being since you know yourself better; there is no more second guessing with regards to what you want in life because you already know the answer… Instead of waiting for someone like parents or your boss or friends to make everything all better in your life,  self leadership allows you to take charge of your life and be the captain of your ship.

Self leadership helps people become more like who they really want to be and it allows them to live an authentic and autonomous life where they determine their own destiny. It also empowers people with a deep psychological empowerment; helping them see their potential for greatness and enabling them to grow while at the same time maintaining balance in life.

What is self motivation?

Motivation is something that gets us started on some work or activity, say learning guitar for example, which we do not find very interesting initially but after sometime when we get used to playing some chords then it becomes interesting which helps us continue doing it until one day we master playing our instrument.

To keep up daily work towards our goals takes self-motivation. Self-motivation is something that we strive towards. And working out what drives us is really helpful. You will find that most of the successful people that people admire had a huge amount of self-motivation.

To conclude self-leadership and self motivation

Self-leadership is something that can be learned and developed over time. If you’re someone who has a hard time motivating themselves to do anything, it may take some trial and error before you find what inspires or motivates your work ethic but once you’ve found the right thing for yourself, keep at it because if done consciously with intentionality then self-leadership will not only change how your life goes in general but also help build an authentic sense of well-being which is important too! What’s been one way that you have worked on improving your personal self-leadership? Let us know below!

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