Life Hacks with Elite Paralympic Athlete James Roberts

The MindSet Athlete Podcast – James Roberts

James is one of the people that many of us have admired over the last 10 years, he has faced many challenges in life and understood at such a young age how to control his mind.

In this episode, he shares so many insights around goal setting, productivity hacks and keeping one’s brain in check as opposed to letting it run wild. He hosts his own podcast mind set game podcast and is well over the 100 episode mark…

Many of us are running on autopilot and James and I discuss something that James is used to discussing regularly on Mind Set Games Podcast.

Despite our internet connection dying and me having recorded the intro and outro on my computer microphone again as opposed to my normal professional-grade mic…I am getting this episode live so that everyone can listen to it today! It is Saturday 22nd December and as it was such an amazing recording I decided to get it live today.

Clearly, today is time to go shop for presents and sing carols!

If you want to learn more about James visit his website or listen to his podcast show.

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