Leadership Skills for the future

In this video, Kim-Adele and Nat Schooler discuss the most important leadership skills for the future, following the world economic forum skills update we have adapted our MasterMind programs and the video below explains why.

In 2020, the World Economic Forum posted the Skills Outlook for 2020-2025
These are the critical skills for effective leadership in the new decade.

  1. Analytical thinking and innovation
  2. Active learning and learning strategies
  3. Complex Problem Solving
  4. Critical thinking and analysis
  5. Creativity, originality and initiative
  6. Leadership and social influence
  7. Technology use, monitoring and control
  8. Technology design and programming
  9. Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility
  10. Reasoning, problem-solving & ideation

Of course, these are just trends, but the embedded message is clear.

Time is short for those who remain rooted in the past. If this resonates with you and you would like to upskill your team contact Kim-Adele Randall here.

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