How To Improve Your Klout Score ?

Klout score tips. Part One

So many people are now seeing the value of Klout score, many top consulting firms won’t even hire you to work within the digital teams if your score is not above 70…many influential people won’t even engage with you on Twitter unless you have a good reach or Klout score.

After your content strategy and working out who you are, ie what topics, what specific skills or niche you are focused on then follow the steps below.

1) Go to and connect the platforms you are on, recommend starting with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and any others you have.

2) Increase followers on Twitter by searching under #hashtags and finding the right people to follow, generally.The Twitter advanced search is very useful initially for getting an understanding of Twitter
and how it works before using something more industrial like Social Bro :-
With this software it is possible to do pretty much any automation you like on Twitter and I think its good to try it just to see what is achievable for you or not. Don’t forget everyone’s Twitter account is different so it may not be good for you to automate replys or welcome messages. If you follow 100 people per day then approx 30 will follow you back.

3) Build up all these platforms and cross pollinate all of them to get the maximum amount of followers and fans on each.

4) Engage and comment on other people’s content, sharing where appropriate and making sure you include their name when commenting otherwise they may miss it.

5) Go to Google chrome browser and install the Klout extension, then you can see the Klout scores of people around you when on Twitter.

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+Nat Schooler

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