Are We Addicted To Social Media Or Just Antisocial?

Updated 09/01/2022

The real question is are we addicted to social media or…

I have been doing a lot of thinking recently and our social media posts have been a little sporadic to say the least. For a number of reasons actually, mainly because we have new clients and they come first of course. We also have been enjoying some time off over Christmas which helped us to refresh our energy levels and refocus on our goals without getting distracted.

Today I was looking at writing a blog post and thought that whilst I would love to write about social media tools and content curation, bla, bla, bla I would face a real issue and open your minds up…Are we spending so much time on social media and working? So that we are forgetting to create a life for ourselves? Are we texting and messaging and emailing to the detriment of communicating on the telephone or face to face, even going so far as to check our phones when we are in conversations with people so not being present in the moment with the very person we went to meet?

Here is a very useful video that you should watch, whether you waste 3 years of your lifetime on social media or not it doesn’t matter but please don’t forget to create a life for yourself and build those real friendships that you may have neglected whilst building your career or business…

If you would like help reducing your time spent on social media marketing and to stop wasting time then please tweet me @natschooler or email nat @ and we will get back to you.

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