In this podcast episode, Nathaniel Schooler discusses Onboarding New Employees and the use of AI technology in HR with EU Digital Ambassador Nicolas Babin.

We discuss the use of AI in onboarding new employees. We explore how AI can personalize the onboarding process, streamline paperwork, detect errors, and enhance the learning experience for new hires. We touch on the importance of onboarding in today’s work environment and how AI can revolutionize this critical phase of an employee’s journey.

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Watch it on YouTube here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxSmbHuPFVI

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Topics discussed:

  1. The evolution of onboarding:
    • Traditional onboarding experiences versus the use of AI in modern times.
    • Changes in work dynamics post-COVID and the impact on onboarding processes.
    • Importance of personalization and work-life balance for new generation employees.
  2. AI in onboarding:
    • Personalizing the onboarding process for each new employee.
    • Automation of paperwork through AI to streamline processes and reduce errors.
    • Error detection and real-time correction of information during onboarding.
    • Utilizing AI chatbots for knowledge sharing and connecting new hires with relevant resources and experts.
    • Shifting HR focus from menial tasks to strategic aspects like company culture and engagement.
  3. Addressing bias in AI:
    • Discussion on bias in AI algorithms during the pre-hiring phase.
    • Mention of the European Commission’s AI act and the CECC label to ensure data quality and reduce bias in AI tools.
  4. Future implications and benefits:
    • Potential of AI to enhance onboarding experiences and improve long-term employee satisfaction.
    • Integration of AI in onboarding to align with company values, culture, and educational initiatives.
    • Embracing technology and the need for independent thinking in implementing AI solutions.


Post originally appeared here: https://influentialvisions.com/s7-e8-ai-hr-a-new-era-of-onboarding-with-eu-digital-ambassador-nicolas-babin/

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