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A bit about Jude: From the iconic BBC Two documentary Big Life Fix and winner of the 2020 IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers) Alastair Graham-Bryce “Imagineering” Award, Jude Pullen is a sought-after Creative Technologist, consistently offers creative and thought-provoking solutions for complex challenges.

As an award-winning chartered engineer, Jude has worked for the NHS, Dyson, LEGO, and a number of start-ups, and his clients include IKEA, RS Components, Children in Need, and Raspberry Pi. His TV appearances also include Channel 4’s Great British Inventions.

We will discuss:

1. The unpredictable nature of technological advancements over the next 10 years.
2. The fusion of AI with everyday devices and the potential impact on our lives.
3. The importance of ethical considerations in technology development and sustainability practices.
4. The evolving landscape of consumerism and the quest for more meaningful interactions with products.

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