Technology News 2020 – Expert Panel Discussion

This weeks panel features a diverse knowledge base and experience in working with the technology industries top names.

Neil Cattermull (Seasoned tech industry analyst and Ceo of The Future as a Service)

Sarbjeet Johal (Has worked in the technology industry for last 25 years. He lives in San Francisco, Bay Area)

Tony Flath (Engaged technology influencer and sales executive in telecom with Shaw Business)

We discuss:-

1. The latest move by the Eu to discuss regulation in AI.

Will hampering innovation in this area allow the USA and China to be ahead?

2. In 2020 European Organisations will spend over 271 Billion USD on

Digital transformation but only 16% will deliver new revenue streams.


3. By 2025 60% of European organizations will modernize their core IT leveraging the cloud resulting

in a 25% business productivity improvement —

What will they benefit from the most in the short term?