You Matter Angela Maiers

You Matter Angela Maiers and Garin Kilpatrick shared some quality time with me on this podcast.

Angela helps people to understand that they have a genius and that they need to use it for the world and that they find their significance and purpose in life. You can also listen to Build a Loyal Community of Millions with Angela Maiers if you want to learn more about community building.

When you understand that “you matter” Angela Maiers and that people matter to you then life becomes more meaningful and more enjoyable for you and others!

I was fortunate to have met Angela at IBM Amplify in 2017 and shortly after we recorded this interview with her for my website

Angela Maiers and Garin Kilpatrick and I discussed You Matter

You Matter Angela Maiers runs the Choose to Matter Movement

Your passion and who you are and where they intersect with your purpose, she runs the Choose to Matter movement.

When we met at IBM amplify Will Smith spoke on stage and we had a real meeting of the minds, you will understand what her movement is all about if you listen to this podcast.

You Matter with Angela Maiers

Choose to matter, a pathway to purpose, your deep purpose! She missed Will Smith speak…

She explains about the essence of you matter, how we help others and how we are essential and here to help the world. This is not a self-esteem movement where we all hold hands or take credit for being amazing, it is a humanist movement.

Encouraging people to help others and do I make a difference to others, we were born to be significant and to make a difference to others and showing up every day and being a difference maker to other people.

Angela uses the word genius and mediocracy is the choice that we take and denying our personal brand hurts the world.

Fellow IBM Futurist and Tech Entrepreneur Garin Kilpatrick joined us on the episode and we had a lot of fun working on this episode.

Self-awareness is defined as the simultaneous aligned being of who we are inside and outside and being integral to other people, it is a lonely pathway and we want to make sure we are not hidden away and help others.

She has a “mattergram” which helps people to remember how amazing they are, go to

It takes people aback when you share a really great message of why they matter to you.
For example I appreciated you today because…

It reminds people they need to live in the service of others! We have a mattering problem in the world, not a self esteem problem or bullying just a mattering problem.

Our lives matter and we must remember this!

Listen to this podcast – Angela Maiers is an inspirational leader.

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