Work Life Balance with Maverick Ex FTSE 250 CEO – Turned Tech Entrepreneur Michael Tobin OBE

Michael Tobin OBE and Nat Schooler sat down again to discuss work-life balance, or actually as Mike calls it work-life integration.

Michael shared massive value and some fun stories from his history as a CEO.

Swimming with sharks! Executive Stress! With some Commercial Awareness thrown in!

Mike had been talking to his management team for some time, about merging with a big competitor, and all the management team could see was the negatives of what they would see, and what those synergies mean. You know, two people one job going forward and potentially they would be in competition or lose their jobs. So Mike decided to get them to swim with sharks and various other management “fun” days out!

Mike’s books are both on Amazon. Kindle and audiobook.

First, one is Forget Strategy, Get Results. It’s a little bit of an alternative view on leadership. And the second one is Live, Love, Work Prosper, which is kind of a fresh, fresh approach to integrating life and work as opposed to trying to find a balance.