Why We Should Master Our Mindset (and 5 Keys to Do It)

Why We Should Master Our Mindset (and 5 Keys to Do It)

In this blog post and video, we will be sharing the 5 keys to mastering your mindset and why it is so important. We all know that our thoughts have a powerful impact on us, but most of us don’t realize how much they affect what we do and who we are. Our mindsets can either help or hinder our success and abilities and either we get started to create a new story or we continue to feel the fear and to gain nothing.  

To achieve success and master our mindset we must have the will to do so and correct our self talk

Business Leaders, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs who want to move towards success will get some deeper insight why we should master our mindset and insights into how here in this blog and in the short YouTube video. If you’re interested in learning more about why we should master our mindset and how to do it, I encourage you to watch the video below. Subscribe now and subscribe for updates on the MasterMindSet YouTube Channel!

Mindset is one of the most important aspects of success. It can make or break a person’s chances of achieving their goals. If you are looking for a way to master your mindset, then read on and watch it is just over 15 minutes. 

5 Keys to master our mindset

In this blog post and video, we will explore why we should master our mindset and the 5 keys to do it and improve your outcomes.

“The good news is that there are simple steps you can take to change your mindset for the better.”

The 5 Keys to master your mindset and achieve growth are discussed in the video above. Transcripts are also available below.

a) Healthy lifestyle

b) Reframing our thinking

c) Focusing on our strengths

d) Being around encouraging people

e) Knowing an end game, Having a focus.

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If you don’t have a coach then I recommend you get one, a coach helps you sharpen your ability and your brain.

I personally have a coach in a few different areas, coaching in business has transformed my career growth and set me free from the person that I was to become the person I am now, it took me a long time to learn I had the ability and that my beliefs, my brain, self and mindset were the key to creating the right mindset for achieving success in business and at home.

If you continually have problems there is only one constant thing and that is you, your mindset and your motivation

The major question is are you motivated to win? Will you accept the fact you can win? Or are you not going to upgrade and develop beyond where you are now?

In the world around us, we are unfortunately surrounded by our habits, our perspective. People and messages from external stimuli seem to be helping us but actually, this is not the case. Many of these friends in particular tend to not like to see us achieve success and won’t join us in our journey towards success and they won’t help us to write a new story.

Our friends and family love us and? They don’t want us to suffer from the pain of failing so they won’t join us on our weekly journey to stretch our abilities and they won’t join us in sculpting our body. They aren’t scared of action and they, unfortunately, are perhaps scared of failure or they are scared of the win.

If only more successful people would help us fix our mindsets

Many people are massively successful and develop it with ease if only they could show us how to choose the correct mindset, change our story and how to use the tool or tools that got them there.

The only thing is that whatever effort they put in is usually invisible to us as is their action and their weekly action, daily habits and effort. Anyone who says you can achieve success without effort, inspiration or motivation is wrong.

You got to work for success in business and in your personal world around you or accept reality.

Search for the correct mindset, beliefs and develop positive energy to free you up for future growth and opportunity.

Anyone who has achieved anything worth achieving had to work for it, sure there were things during the process they didn’t like, sure they may have been called selfish by friends and family for pursuing their dreams. Well, you know whatever you do during your week, remember you can learn anything you choose to like and want to learn.

If you don’t believe in coaching, I think taking the time to look at how coaches work and how normal people have achieved great things they usually had some coaching, corrected their mindset, owned their power and surrounded themselves with amazing people to find out the best process and tool or tools to make their dreams happen.

Whatever is going with your personal mindset, whatever is going on with your business mindset, wherever your mental energy goes you can certainly achieve growth.

You can certainly heal your self, upgrade your personal beliefs, upgrade your personal learning plan to success and learn how to utilise that brain and free up your mindset and self and self talk and learning is key to this.

Do not worry if you are stuck you can still master your mindset

If you are stuck then take the time to firstly find a new perspective, correct your mindset and learn the key to the correct process of learning so that you can work out what to do and remember you matter.

You matter to the world and people will subscribe to your way of thinking eventually or you will change your way of thinking to subscribe to other peoples…

You matter to the world and have value, your mindset is key to this and no matter where you are now if you just put one foot in front of the other and search for help if you need it.

No matter if you want to be a speaker, a CEO or anything else just take the time to search for the knowledge and skills you need and you will achieve what you desire, just free your mindset and enjoy what you are doing and you will find your happy.

Here is the transcript from the video above:

Why we should master our mindset is happiness, right?

If you’re not happy, then you need to revisit the reasons why you’re not happy, we’re going to give five keys to, to master your mindset. But I think it’s important we have a little chat around why we to master it. Yeah.

It’s the great point around being happy. It always reminds me of a quote that I believe was from John Lennon, who said that when he went to school and I think it’s reported that he was five, he was given an assignment around what you wanted to be when he grew up.

And his response was: “I want to be happy.”

And the teacher said: “You don’t understand the assignment.”

And he said, “No, you don’t understand life.”

It makes me think if I can achieve that for my little girl if I can instil in her, that her purpose in life is to be happy to be kind. You have to not be happy at the expense of other people, but equally to not be unhappy herself because she’s not willing to create some boundaries.

And it’s about getting that balance. I think once we understand where it is we’re going and why it’s important to us to get there and what’s our purpose and that can lead to a whole raft of debates as well. Can’t it like, you know, What is that purpose? But again, minds me of another quote, funny that because I do love a quote! Are you quoting someone else?

Find the meaning of life!

One of my favourites and his view is that the meaning of life is to find our gift and the purpose of life is to give it away. And for me, the two align so beautifully to one why happiness is important and to why our mindset is important, I’m going to stop quoting people.

So in terms of why we should master our mindset.

Because then you, you begin to create the life that you want because each, you know, each of us, we have all these different elements in our lives, right. And some of them may not be working for us and they’re not going to work for us unless we master our mindset first, because then we can aim for growth in each element of our lives, which gives us joy. And then we can, we can basically have a more, not gonna, I’m not gonna say a balanced life because Michael Tobin, he hates the balanced lifestyle thing. I think it’s more like work-life integration. We can have a balanced work-life integration. That is probably how I would describe it.

I suppose it depends on who I would take the word balance. I mean, you could take it literally as in they’re equal or just that they are imbalanced with how much we want, how much time we want to spend in each of them. That doesn’t mean to say it has to be equal. It has to be right for us. And I think this is what we’re here to do.

We’re here to design our life and what my life might look like. It could be very different from yours will be very different to what somebody else’s life would look like. But as long as it’s playing to my purpose, my values, and as long as I’m not being unkind or hurting others, then actually how I choose to live, it really probably is down for me to this determined, as long as, as I say, you’re not doing it at the detriment of somebody else.

So, in terms of the five keys to mastering our mindset, first of all, you know, I’m big into exercise and a healthy diet as you are.

A healthy lifestyle is number one.

I think having a healthy lifestyle, is important. It probably, for me, isn’t my number one, but it’s in the top five, but I think for you and I, we probably go at things ever so slightly differently. And I guess that’s back to that earlier point, which is it’s about having our own lives in balance that work for us.

But I do think that you know, when I’ve talked to people over the years of now nearly 30 years, what I’ve found is the five we’re going to talk about are the ones that form everybody’s listing some in some order of that top five. And that seems to create that overall balance.

So, I think, you could bring spirituality, into mastering your mindset, but I like to keep it separate. I think, I think if personally, if you’re, if you’re suffering and you’re, in a bad place, you, you kind of need to talk to someone you know, if that’s a counsellor or a priest or, whomever, a Yogi or whatever; whomever you choose to speak to. I think that’s very, very important, but that’s not part of this conversation.

I think really reframing your thinking is, the next one. It’s a fantastic skill to have, to be able to look back and go, oh, well actually I’m looking at this in the wrong way. Maybe I’ll, you know, you had an example, didn’t you the other day about being stuck at home? And you said, well, I’m not stuck at home. I’m safer is what you said.

I guess it’s around the labels that we use because very often determine the label that we’re choosing to use will determine whether or not we’re viewing something as positive or negative.

So I could say, you know, as a single mom here, I am stuck at home. Can’t go anywhere. I won’t get any support, have to just keep going. Or I can say that I’m safe at home.

I’m making sure that I’m looking after me and my little girl and we’re doing our bit to try and keep everybody else safe as well, depending on which one of those labels I choose is going to have a massive impact on my psyche, my psychology, how I show up and how I feel about what’s going on right now. And so what I try and do with, everything has a look at what label am I using and how well is it serving me.

Because if it isn’t serving me well, is there an alternate view?

I use this all the time and probably in a day like this I’ve ever written, but I use this quite a lot. If I said to you I’m looking at the same book. If I tell you there’s nothing written on the cover, the more I say, there’s nothing written on it, the more you’ll go can this clearly words here. But if I turn it around to show you what I can see, there’s nothing written in the book. The fact is we’re viewing exactly the same thing. We’re just viewing it from a different standpoint.

And that’s because we live in a world of polarity for every up, there’s a down for every left. There’s a right. So when we look at something and when we believe our view of it, actually seeking to understand, is there an alternative, you can really change things.

I guess the other thing in reframing is to focus on the things that we can control.

With lots of things in life, you can’t control them. And when we come out of lockdown, not in my control, there’s nothing I can do. I can get very upset about it. It’s not going to change what happens. It’s not going to change when I’m allowed out. So instead I do my best every day to go, is this something that is in my control or outside of my control, if it’s in my control, make a decision, make a choice and move in that direction.

If it’s outside of my control, I do my best pocket and go, do you know, worrying about it? Isn’t going to change anything, but it will change me and it will change how I show up. So instead, I’m going to park that somewhere else. You could say, I’m a bit of an Oestrich, put my head in the sand,

I’m going to focus instead on something that I can do. And focusing on that thing that I can do can become the life raft in the muddy, stormy waters of my mind for all the things that are out of my control, depending on where I am in my life.

I agree. A hundred percent on that. I think, you know, Michael Tobin says exactly the same thing, loads of successful entrepreneurs. Like you also say the same thing. So onto the next one, right. It’s kind of related to, reframing thinking, it’s, it’s focusing on our strengths. So I mean, I, I look at this quite in my own way. I sort of say, I’m doing a task and I’ve never done it before I will. I will. And I feel like, you know, I’m really struggling to do this. Then I will think about something that I’m really good at. And I will borrow the confidence in the success that I’ve had with that other thing. And that really just helps me.

What’s your view on focusing on your strengths?

I think sometimes, and maybe this is just the way we’ve been brought up in society. We try and make everybody good at everything. And all that does is lead us to feel not very good at everything because we can’t be. Actually one of the things that I learned as a leader was I didn’t need to be good at everything.

What I needed to do was find people that were brilliant at it and be confident enough that just because they were better than me at that thing, didn’t mean to say that I was in any way at risk of being able to build my career and my credibility, because my role was to help them be the best they could be, help them turn the volume up on their strengths and realize that collectively as a team, it’s the combination of resolve that makes us successful.

If you’re a team of footballers and I’m going to clearly show my age and my lack of football knowledge, but if you were a team of footballers, you wouldn’t want all of them to be David Becker because you’d have nobody in defence, you’d have nobody getting around. It would be a rubbish team. So having a football team where everybody knows their strengths and plays to those strengths and works together, collectively, what you end up with is the power of the team.

I think that’s where we need to get to in life is we need to have a look at it and say, actually, what are my strengths? And who are the people in my tribe, in my team that actually have a strong in the areas where I’m not, and I’m, I strong in the areas where they aren’t and therefore, collectively we are stronger. The sum of the parts is always greater than the sum of the individuals.

I agree, like no one can be good at everything. Doing things that you don’t really like. I mean, in a small business and perhaps in your current job, you may have to do things that you don’t like.

But at the end of the day, you’re working towards expanding the things that you really enjoy doing, because they’re going to bring you more joy.

What you focus on expands, right? So if there’s a particular job that you’re doing right now, and there are elements that you really enjoy, then try and focus more on the joy from those, those parts of your job. And that’s going to help expand those strengths and bring you more happiness.

One of the things I get clients to do is think about when they’re not at work right now, that will, you know, and they’re nice and relaxed and where write down all the things that bring them joy, the things that they enjoy doing, whether that’s in work or out of work, and then write down all the things you don’t enjoy, the things that zap your energy and then go back over the list and say of these things that bring me joy.

If they weren’t part of my everyday life, I would be sad. And then look at the things that you don’t like doing and go through. If these were part of my everyday life. I’d be sad because we don’t get to do everything we want. And we do suddenly have to do some things we don’t enjoy, but understanding our outliers, understanding the things that really hype our energy and the things that really zap our energy. And they enable us to plan better.

If we’ve got to attack something that is going to zap our joy, try and intersperse it with something that we know is going to really catapult it and vice versa. And that way you can manage your energy levels better.

I do that on a daily basis, right? Like if there’s something that I’m really not enjoying, I will just, I’ll put my tools down and go and do something that I do enjoy to bring the joy back into my life. And then I can go back to that task with, with a new focus and a new happiness. And then it happens again, it’s like a continual thing of going in doing something you don’t like and going, all right, I’m going to take a break. And then you go back into something else and you know, we’re going through it.

Being around encouraging people that helps all of, all these keys, it helps us to master our mindset, to find encouragement, to find someone we can, we can talk to is, is just massive.

They say, you’re the sum of the five people you hang out with the most, right? It was 10 at some point, but it’s five. I think that’s where they say. And I believe it now. I think if you hang out with, with people who don’t inspire you, who frankly, you know, aren’t interested in things that you’re interested in, then you’re going to slowly decline in my opinion.

And you mentioned that earlier and that, you will borrow your belief in something else that you’ve done. And the beauty of being surrounded by people that love, trust, respect, and believe in you is that you can borrow their belief and there are moments where you’re like, oh, I’m not really sure I can do this thinking back to. And I knew if you use this analogy before, but I learned a lot since becoming a mum and we kind of looked at and said, if we get up in the morning, we had to learn how to walk or talk or run or jump or skip. We’d be a bit overwhelmed.

And yet our most vulnerable, we learn not to do that. We let them have to do it because it’s three things. The first is the second is because we don’t really know how to say no and mean it we’re too small.

And the third is whenever you’ve seen anybody learning to walk the people around them, are they going to come on, sweetheart? You’re so close. You can do this. I believe in you. So I think surrounding ourselves with people who inspire us and believe in us is vital to our mindset because we can borrow that belief until we find our own.

Number five is, is a really big one. Knowing an end game and having a focus on that is just, it’s empowering, right? Like when you draw up that five-year plan. I mean, we drew up a five-year plan. We sat down, we got a whiteboard out and it’s the only time we’ve ever used a whiteboard. Cause I know you don’t like whiteboards and you don’t really like planning. You just like to do stuff.

But in this context, a five five-year plan was really enjoyable because it wasn’t getting down into the nitty-gritty into the details, which most of the time you don’t need a plan for not us.

We just go and do them. Right.

Focusing on that end goal and saying, well, this is where we’re heading.

Year one, this is what we’re going to aim for year three. We’re going to aim for that. And year five is just fantastic. It gives you a whole sense of freedom.

When I spoke to Michael Tobin, OBE about this. He, he basically said It’s not going to stop you getting Ubered on the way.

If you make this plan and it, and it’s too detailed there’s always gonna be things that come up along the way, which may speed it up or slow it down. But as long as you’re aiming to that five-year point, you can get that right.

Well, it reminds me, I said, I wouldn’t do any more quotes, but you know, me, it reminds me of a couple of things. You know, if you don’t know where you’re going, any path will get you there.

So you’ve got to have an idea of, of your direction. And the second thing is the obstacles are things we see when we take our eye off the goal. So actually when we’re focused on where it is, we’re going to go. Then our subconscious brain starts to seek out opportunities for us. When is that? If all we start doing is looking at the obstacles, our subconscious brain finds them for us because we find what we focus on

You might not be able to answer the whole problem, but if you can see one way of just edging yourself forward, take it because you don’t know what else is going to come into view by keeping edging forward. And as long as we keep moving, then we stand a chance of achieving what we want to.

Very much so. And thank you everyone for watching. And God bless. Okay.

Here is an interesting article from Inc on this topic too :- https://www.inc.com/angelina-zimmerman/10-magnificent-ways-to-master-your-mindset.html

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