Why Turn Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

Why Turn Employees Into Brand Ambassadors?

The implications are major!

The relationship between business and people is undeniable, the most successful businesses nurture their people. When I used to work in a wine merchants during my time as a student we were taught to act as brand ambassadors for the company, nothing has changed, except we have social media, which is a much faster way to reach more people with our exceptional customer service skills. Why turn employees into brand ambassadors? A great question I hear you say…

Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to! Richard Branson!

Investing in people not only helps to foster stronger relationships within the business itself but it also enables the people to act as brand ambassadors for the brand itself

The benefits of personal branding have been proven for businesses

Employees sharing content produces 24x the engagement as opposed to the brand! Entrepreneur.com

This is a clear ROI for the marketing team! Which is one reason why businesses such as IBM, Cisco, Accenture and others are encouraging employees to share content!

In many cases assisting in creating content that is engaging and worth sharing.

Why turn employees into brand ambassadors

Staff are retained over the longer term. HR departments are happier, as it reduces the desire for people to leave and move onto other companies that do support personal branding initiatives. So they are clearly able to quantify the personal branding coaching.
So what are you waiting for?

The corporate brand and the personal brand should connect together, working in harmony to build each other

Connect the Personal and the Corporate Here’s one of the most common (and most damaging) branding misconceptions I encounter:  the personal brand and the corporate brand compete (rather than cooperate). Nothing could be further from the truth. The most successful companies help employees understand their personal brands, capitalizing on the integration of these individual traits with the broader corporate objectives. It’s called applied personal branding, and it’s a powerfully simple strategy.

If you would like to get your personal brand inline with your corporate brand then email me here nat@natschooler.com

Alternatively here is some more information as to why business leaders should help their teams brand themselves https://www.natschooler.com/your-personal-brand-and-business-brand/

Source: Three Steps For Transforming Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

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