11 Reasons To Have a Blog?

There are many reasons to have a blog, I will list just a few that spring to mind…

Reading this will give you some of the main reasons to have a blog, of course, there are others and if you want to comment and list some more I would love to read them.

Many people have asked me the question “why have a blog?” so I have compiled a list of some of the reasons below. 

1) To help build your brand you need to create useful compelling content somewhere secure.
2) Doing social media without one is like giving all your money away to your competitors, every time you share a click to someone else’s website they may get a client and not you.
3) Without a blog you are at the mercy of the social media sites you put content onto, unless you pay Facebook or Twitter your content may not see the light of day.
4) For showcasing your opions and abilities to your ideal customers or employers having a blog is key.
5) Thought Leadership positioning is easier if you build your brand via a blog and use it to build your email list.
6) It is a great way to formulate and truly understand your knowledge base and the strengths and weaknesses you have around specific topics.
7) It is a great place to host your images and videos, knowing that you own the rights to them and not a social network (who can use them any time for making money)
8) To solve problems for your clients or target customers a blog is key.
9) It can also act as an online shop for selling recommended products and services you either create yourself or believe in.
10) It is a great way to showcase your video content without sending people on advertising journeys on YouTube once they have watched your video.
11) It is indexable by Google and other search engines, meaning the more you blog the more traffic you generate.

I recommend you buy your own domain name for example www.yourname.com and then install a WordPress blog.

Then teach yourself how to use it.

This is one of the best learning investments I have ever made!

If you want to set up a blog here is a great place to do so :- http://bit.ly/natschooler-blog

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  1. Nat- this is excellent! Thank you for sharing this topic on your blog! Very informative and inspiring! Thanks for reminded us readers that one can make a huge impact, both within their own industry as well as outside their industry, when they are true to their brand. Thanks again!!

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