What is Affinity Propagation and Why You Should Actually Care?

What is Affinity Propagation

Affinity Propagation is “Transferring an idea to people you know – who then transfer it to others – a bit like a pebble thrown into a calm lake – the ripples can go on forever or stop at the desired target…” – Me.

When looking at affinity propagation, we need to firstly look at the word Affinity.

According to Google this is the meaning – “a natural liking for and understanding of someone or something.”

“He had a special affinity with horses” is one of the other terms that appears when looking on Google I have no idea why!

When used in the context of messaging, it is how likely are people to read your message. This is an affinity! Do they like you and respect you? The chances are if you have spent time nurturing the relationship with them in the past then they are more likely to respond to your message or answer your call.

What is Affinity Propagation?

To answer the question what is affinity propagation? We will look at the word Propagation.

Now the word “Propagation” is defined in this context from Google – “the action of widely spreading and promoting an idea, theory, etc.”

“A life devoted to the propagation of the Catholic faith” is one example they use.

Affinity Propagation can Create Massive Success in Business

what is affinity propagation

About a week ago I had a LinkedIn message inviting me to connect with a young gentleman who is a very technically advanced programmer. He has been working on some extremely interesting nascent technology for a few years. Because my network is strong I immediately knew just the person to help take his technology to market.

I have taken the time to get to know a good number of my connections over the years. They are from all walks of life and many are very experienced business people and entrepreneurs. There are also lots of people like who have the most amazing start-up ideas, but just don’t know how to get them to market.

I introduced the young technology inventor to an experienced associate of mine. He has 40+ years in technology architecture and has worked with over 50 successful technology start-ups during his career.

After a LinkedIn text discussion and an hours telephone call the young entrepreneur went away to update some paperwork to come back to us in a few days to discuss how we can get him off the ground.

So next time you hear the question “what is affinity propagation?” you can now understand they are relationship building interactions travelling from one person to another. The strength of the network and the quality of the message are the two major enabling factors in the success of the whole interaction.

The quality of your network

What is Affinity Propagation and Why You Should Actually Care?

Usually you can quantify the quality of your network by who will respond to your messages. This is the first place to start when analysing your network for successful private messaging affinity propagation.

Secondly, looking at the people who you are connected with and how likely are they to be taken seriously by their own network. Ultimately how likely they are to read their incoming messages and lead onto a tangible business outcome from the relationship chain.

Having a very contained network cuts down the affinity propagation reach so if you want more opportunities for you and of course your network to benefit, then growing a good solid network is key.

If you would like to learn how to utilise your network better then do listen to this interview with the late Mike Briercliffe: Blessed are the Community Builders


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