How to Accelerate The Success of Your Brand Like Rolls-Royce with Peter Lavers

Ex Rolls-Royce – Peter Lavers shared some amazing information with me on the legacy of Rolls-Royce and success of your brand, he went to work there straight from school 35 years ago so shared some great insights with me.

One of the things that still inspires Peter was the statement “Whatsoever is rightly done, however humble, is noble”

Henry Royce.

Even when things don’t go too well in business and life you must stick to this principle. Especially in the customer service world when focusing on the figures.

“Short-termism” financially motivated behaviours can damage long term business success.

Keeping on doing the right thing is vitally important for all of us going through our careers. If you keep on doing the right things then people will respect this noble behaviour. When times to improve people will come back to you and if you don’t compromise as they will remember how you behaved.

Keeping your authenticity, however humble, is the right thing to do.

A couple of Henry Royce quotes include:

“Strive for perfection in everything you do!”

“Take the best and make it better and if it doesn’t exist then design it”

Improving quality as much as you can is certainly important for Rolls-Royce and Peter discovered their insistence on quality first hand during the years he spent working with them.

Many auto-industry leaders are saying that things are different and will change more in the next 10 years than they have in the last 100.

Attention spans are at an all time low and customer loyalty is not easy to hang on to.

These are a couple of reasons why it is so important to keep the customer experience excellent and consistently high quality.

Very interesting for Peter coming from his roots and it is crucial that he keeps learning continually and much like me building business acumen.

Henry Royce said the quality will be remembered long after the price is remembered and much like what we do the quality of advice that we offer will linger long after we have moved on to another client.

According to Peter the best consultants engineer themselves out of jobs as quickly as possible.

You could say it is expensive to hire you or me, but the ethos we have means that we always leave companies in a better position than when they started, so it would be money well spent.

The best customer centred businesses have recognised that if you want good outcomes you need to manage your business for those outcomes, optimise your customer experience, delight your profitable customers, manage your borderline customers and of course delight them all at different parts of their journey.

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