The Neurology Of Gamification Infographic

Gamification and Business Development

Gamifying your business can be done for so many reasons, not just for the marketing department but the HR and Educational departments can use it as a teaching aid.

This useful infographic shows you the hardwiring of what gamification is doing to your brain. As many of my peers know I am an advocate of Gamification to drive business growth through the encouragement of brand advocates to take action to build the brand.

But as you can see there are so many more uses for gamification, from gamifying your own personal fitness programmes through to full-on customer loyalty programmes for brands and even my follower of the week leaderboard that I run from my Twitter account.

If people are talking about something online we can design a competition to measure the metrics and design a competition to drive the desired behaviours. 

A number of businesses are designing their gamification programmes to be rolled out over the next 18 months and we will be seeing a lot more distribution channels and sales people motivated by gamification techniques, the most important thing to remember is that they have to enjoy the game…


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