The Curious Case of My Epic Journey Into Social Media

At the moment, I am still trying to work out how this all came about. You could say fate, or it was meant to be etc, but for the most part, this is one of the most challenging things I have ever done thus far. How so you may say? I don’t understand, my answer is very simple “change”. I know this sounds silly but it’s true, no one likes it but it happens, so here is my journey so far.

In a Galaxy far far away…..

From leaving school in 1990, I worked for various different organisations, ranging from Solicitors and Accountancy, Business Administration, Customer Service & Kitchen Design up until 2007 when the recession hit and I was faced with redundancy.

As most people know, this was a horrid time and from an economic standpoint wholly depressing and demoralising, so here I was facing a challenge “what to do now”.

I had no clear plan, no direction, no passion so basically undertook various temporary roles “troubleshooting” in various organisations, from Warehousing, Bar Supervisor, Housekeeping and Horticultural Roles, but nothing was permanent, and after a while “self-worth” goes out of the window, and you end up thinking “is this ever going to change, why does this always happen, when is it ever going to change” mentality, which in hindsight is a very destructive thought pattern leaving you more depressed and a “social outcast”.

However, things were about to change…

To infinity & beyond…

After milling over stuff and having no sense of direction, surprisingly enough I was contacted via Facebook by an old friend of mine.

I have known Nat, for a long time, we used to train together in Tai Chi, and arranged for us to have a catch up which in general is how it started.

I didn’t really understand the concept of Social Media, but after listening in-depth and weighing up the pro’s & cons made a conscious decision to take the plunge for myself and explore this. That was 3 ½ weeks ago, I am now on a hell-bent mission to learn something totally new. However, this has not been easy, my brain was like an old computer, worn out and needing a vital upgrade, but with the right training and support this is in my opinion completely doable. In the last few weeks, I have learnt so much about Twitter, Facebook (which I use anyway) been enrolled in Hootsuite University, Linked In, Pinterest, the list is endless.

Ok, it is really tough, changing not only your career but also the complete way you are programmed, I am so honoured that I have the most amazing people around me, supporting me, helping me and being finally able to share my views and opinions without judgement or stigma.

This is only the beginning of an epic journey for me I have that you will enjoy it as much as I am starting to embrace it.

@ Nat Schooler, 1, Thank you for and 2, Argh!!! for making my head explode!

Thank you ^Kate

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