Take Responsibility For Your Life At Work

You can take responsibility and control of your career anytime!

The other day I was speaking with a young man who was concerned about his career, he was in a stable job but actually decided that he wasn’t enjoying it as he had initially hoped. I told him the first step was to take responsibility for his life at work.

Like many people, he had made the decision to go into his current job based upon circumstance, his degree and personality had provided him with the skills to get the job and to stick at it, but he wasn’t happy.

He was becoming aware, that the decisions he had made during his early twenties had dramatically affected his life.

I explained the next steps were:-

  • Take responsibility
  • Claim career ownership
  • Decide on the direction
  • Create a personal brand plan
  • Create a career development plan

If you are reading this and are worried that you have made the wrong choices and are stuck in a role you don’t enjoy then don’t worry you are not alone, many of the working population throughout the world are feeling this too.

Take responsibility for your life at work

Taking responsibility is the best place to start, once we take responsibility for our lives we can then begin to take control and steer our lives and careers in the right direction.

These are feeble excuses, take responsibility!

  • I don’t know enough
  • I am too young
  • I can’t afford it
  • I don’t have the experience
  • Those things don’t happen for people like me

Begin planning and take some time out to think!

If we don’t take the time to plan out our next career steps, we will continue being unhappy and the longer we leave taking action, the longer we will prolong the pain.

The good news is that we can begin to take responsibility and ownership of our career at any stage of our working life.

Once we do take responsibility and ownership of our career, we can begin to shape our personal brand, our career can be steered in the direction we choose VS the direction; that is dictated to us by outside factors in the company we work for and of course outside economic factors.

“Success : Thoroughly planning your work & then thoroughly working our plan”  Professor J.P. Schooler

Fortunately, the young man took my advice and spent some time thinking. Firstly he found a realisation that he was responsible for his own career and his own life. This was a big thing for him and he spent a considerable amount of time thinking about this.

Once he had taken on this responsibility and realised that he was actually in control of his personal brand and his career, it brought him to a point of realisation, the sky really is the limit.

Life becomes exciting again once we take responsibility

The next step for him was excitement, he was excited, he could begin to create the working life that he wanted VS the life that he had inherited from his past actions.

Once we take responsibility, creating the working life we want is exciting, it is empowering, with some planning and effort, we can create that “perfect day,” which so many feel is something that happens to other people, they feel it is unattainable and it is something that just isn’t possible for them.

When we take responsibility and ownership of our career, success starts to build alongside our personal brand

So once you get over the initial euphoria of knowing and accepting you can create the life that you want, you need to begin to make a personal brand plan.

So get started today email me to arrange a no-obligation consultation nat@natschooler.com

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