Sunday Supplement 19/09/21

In this week’s MasterMindSet Sunday Supplement we have lots of great resources and news about the launch of the Elite Coaches Club!

Do You Want To Be a More Successful Coach?

Let us share something with you…Announcing the launch of “Elite Coaches Club”

Sunday Supplement 19/09/21
elite coaches club

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Simple Ways To Achieve Mindfulness And Overcome Anxiety For Good

mark metry

Nat Schooler and Kim-Adele were joined by Mark Metry: He Helps Shy, Stressed, and Anxious People Be Themselves Confidently In Front of Anyone | Forbes & TEDx Featured Speaker, Author, Podcaster, and Coach.

Are you struggling with anxiety? Do you feel like it’s a constant battle to keep your mind at ease and focused on the task at hand? If so, then this blog post is for you. There are many ways that we can achieve mindfulness and overcome anxiety for good. We assure you that each of these methods is easy to implement in your everyday life.

Read more here or watch the video:

Changing Your Mindset: Change Your Life 100%

How many times have you felt like your life was out of control? Mastering your Mindset is a skill that will allow you to take back control and make the most of every opportunity. In this blog post, we discuss how changing your Mindset can improve all areas. Whether it’s controlling emotions or setting goals for yourself, mastering the art of mind management has never been easier!

Why Corporate Governance Is Essential To An Organisation’s Success

Nat Schooler and Kim-Adele began discussing why corporate governance is essential to an organisation’s success including governance and infrastructure and creating an empowering culture to ensure success.

In corporate governance, the management of a business or organization is exercised by its board of directors. Corporate governance is about more than just who has the power and what they do with it: corporate governance involves many complex structures and processes to ensure fairness in decision making. For example, corporate boards establish guidelines for how managers should spend shareholders’ money and set targets for performance metrics such as revenue growth and profit margins. In this interview, we explore why corporate governance is essential to an organisation’s success!

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