Sunday Supplement 05/09/2021

This week featuring some great blogs and interviews.

Kim-Adele’s latest blog Created for Thrive global on Overcoming Imposter Syndrome.

We have a couple of interesting interviews around changing your mindset and mastering your mindset to change your life or even through transformational change.

There is also an amazing interview with award-winning journalist and TV personality Marverine Cole where Nat and Marv discuss navigating your career path to be happy.

Changing Your Mindset: Change Your Life 100%

How many times have you felt like your life was out of control? Mastering your Mindset is a skill that will allow you to take back control and make the most of every opportunity. In this blog post, we discuss how changing your Mindset can improve all areas. Whether it’s controlling emotions or setting goals for yourself, mastering the art of mind management has never been easier!

Mindset Mastery Through Transformational Change

What transformational change means Kim-Adele’s perspective on making a change Common problems people face when trying to make big changes in their life

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: I’m Not Enough: The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: I’m Not Enough: The Lies We Tell Ourselves Do You Ever Think I Am Not Enough? Do You Ever Doubt Yourself? Get Overwhelmed By The Inner Critic? Do You Dismiss People’s Words Of Praise And Compliments? Are You Afraid People Will Find Out You Are A Failure Or That You Are Useless?

Navigate Your Career Path To Be Happy: Marverine Cole

We have ups and downs in life, and our careers are part of life and this amazing learning curve that we seem to go on. We either sit back and wait for something amazing to fall out of the sky or take action to make something happen during our lives.

In summary: Multi-award-winning journalist and broadcaster Marverine Cole and I wanted to inspire the listeners to navigate their career path to be happy. So despite this being recorded in 2020, it contains massive value.

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