Subconscious Skills for Success! with Jonathan Chase

Since it is a new year and all this hype is going on about new year’s resolutions, I decided to record an episode with Jonathan Chase, he is “The King of Subconscious Skills for SUCCESS!”

“Britain’s Leading Hypnotist” Mail on Sunday

“Master Hypnotist” Sunday Times Magazine

“Your Mind In Safe Hands” CITV

We discuss where I am at in my life and we go through a live exercise which outlines what I want from my life, he explains how the subconscious mind needs to be in line with the conscious mind to achieve real success and happiness.

I just took the time to go through the episode myself and he outlines here the process you can use to put together your goals and you will be surprised that they are usually not that far away from where you are already…

If you want to become even more successful I recommend you listen to this episode! Subconscious skills for success is a concept that for many is foreign but for others it is a fact, Jonathan explains the reasons you feel in a certain way and many other insights from someone who knows a lot about this, he has dedicated his life to studying the mind in all its facets and subconscious skills for success is now his focus from a huge career in hypnosis he is someone you should listen to, a very entertaining man.

Want to be More Successful? Supercharge your Confidence, Influence, Presence, using your natural #SubSkills

Jonathan Chase, a Staffordshire Coal Miners son to Award Winning International Edutainer.

Best selling Globally Renown Mind Expert, Observer, Podcaster. Wheelchair user. Consultant Hypnotist Author Speaker Edutainer.

If you want to learn more about Jonathan here is his website and lookout for his new book which is coming out soon.

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