Social Media Gamification & Driving Interactions

Updated 09/01/2022

Social Media Gamification & Driving Interactions is critical now to maximise return on investment and to create reach. Social media is no longer a vital cog, it has now become the main wheel.

Social Media Marketing & Customer Loyalty

Social Media Marketing and Customer Loyalty is a hot topic in the world of marketing with many companies looking to create loyalty through gamification.

Social media has been around for years and has changed how we interact with each other on a daily basis, but it hasn’t had much impact on customer loyalty. Nowadays, people are so used to scrolling through social media that they don’t care about what’s being posted or who posts it. This is where gamification comes into play and why some companies see this as an opportunity to create customer loyalty and get more out of their customers by creating rewards programs specific for their company which will hopefully lead back to increased sales. There are plenty of different types of gamification that can be done, from implementing badges or points…

So what is Gamification?

Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems. Gamification has been studied and applied in several domains, such as to improve user engagement, physical exercise, return on investment, data quality, timeliness, and learning. A review of research on gamification shows that most studies on gamification find positive effects from gamification.

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Most brands seem to be still doing a good job of engaging their customers, although the trend seems to be towards lower priced items and with lots of consumers shifting to buy alternative products and shop for **Special Offers** wherever they can. Consumers are certainly getting itchy feet and are looking for their next new exciting bright shiny object.

Social media gamification can be used by brands and businesses of all sizes to drive sales leads and build relationships. “Gamification” it is not just for geeks, actually, it is a really fun way of engaging and building your community on social media platforms and expanding your brand reach and loyalty. We have used Leaderboards for a number of events and to kickstart new business initiatives.

#Hashtags seem to be everywhere! Most brands, events and television programs have them and are promoted across most mainstream media such as newspapers and magazines, TV and radio ads to just about every kind of merchandising such as pint glasses and even bags of popcorn. Bridging that gap between the #hashtag and your social media marketing is the key, engaging your followers and fans that are interested in your brand or event is a challenge for some businesses but not anymore

We will help to connect all the dots and encourage your customers, staff and online communities to participate in a leaderboard competition delivering a quality lead generation campaign

We will also provide comprehensive data and analytic reports that provide insight and intelligence to improve your engagement with your audience whilst running your campaign/competition, saving you time and money. We also ensure you get all the data you need to continue to remarket to them and grow your business.

There are many types of leaderboard configurations such as the standard competition mechanic or even a sweepstake so that all the players are automatically included in a prize draw, some businesses are using gamification to attract new audiences and increase their online community and engage with the best influencers, some of which love to play competitions and get recognition for their loyalty.

We increase interactions to grow your community whilst creating real engagement, we help you bridge the gap between offline and online communications.

It’s best to take a holistic approach to your social marketing that incorporates your total marketing and business objectives whilst focusing on building your ever-important mailing list from your campaign and giving your marketing team all the contact details of the players for further marketing campaigns.

Are you engaging your community better than your competitors?

Do you need to grow interactions fans and followers on social media whilst increasing revenues?

You need a full social media plan and campaign that will increase your overall online engagement, differentiate your brands from your competitors and generate valuable leads and increase your audience.

Together we can build meaningful relationships with your prospects and existing clients to drive sales.

Here is an example of a follower of the week leaderboard that I ran from my Twitter account…@natschooler 

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