Social Media or Anti-Social?

Social media antisocial media!

It can cause detachment from our friends and family.

Social media or antisocial media can also allow us to be depressed trying to keep up with the lives of other people.

Social media or antisocial media as I would call it is seriously damaging a lot of our human to hum relationships it is hurting our friendships, hurting our relationships with our kids, it is something that we need to seriously outline time to manage not to play with but to manage, we need to keep an eye on the Gorilla brain, the brain of the 12-year-old child that lives to be distracted and filled up by feel-good chemicals from the brain.

In the case of our children we need to safeguard them against online bullies, whether they be family or acquaintances we need to protect our children and ourselves from the effect of internet trolls fuelling our adrenalin-fuelled existences that are all too common these days, writing 500 words to just keep up with the flow of the other people in our lives.

Keep up with constant posting to social media without the care of thinking actually what are we doing, how are we going to leverage this to strengthen our relationships with people, how are we going to use it to make us more money at work, how are we going to use social media to find out the information on the news that we want versus hope can waste our entire lives away with our necks cranked forward-thinking about the next endorphin fix we will get the person that likes our photo or commented on our comment or watched our video.

We are entirely absorbed in this digital world and for me, I am finding it strange, I grew up in a house where we only had 3 television channels and now we have absolutely thousands, I am struggling with the fact that I grew up in a  with a phone that we still dialled the number by putting our finger in a giant wheel.

Apparently, it is just down to the time it takes to put into our lives the time it takes to put into our friendships to make them rewarding, but the problem is when we don’t have any time to be rewarded by anyone and how we are going to maintain our relationships with friends and family when we are constantly cranking our neck over forward ignoring our surroundings, in some countries they even have lanes for people to walk with their mobile phones in front of their eyes so they don’t have an accident!

I found this video and thought it was certainly worth sharing to remind you that face to face “real world” relationships are so important; to not just our mental health but also to our physical well being, self-esteem and happiness.

Please take the time to watch this fab short video below about social media depression.

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