Supply Chain Changes + Evolution with Sheri Hinish – AKA The SupplyChainQueen®

In this episode I have been joined by Sheri Hinish “Supply Chain Queen” and she shares with me :- The Latest in Reimagined Supply Chain, Sustainability, Talent Management, and Leading Transformations.

For anyone in technology, purchasing and in particular business management it is important to understand the threats and opportunities around supply chain management.

These are some of the questions she answered and the value she delivered here is huge!

1) How is the supply chain changing?
2) What are the biggest challenges facing supply chain leaders?
3) What constitutes a strong innovator?
4) What are the best ways to improve supplier performance?
5) What does an alliance with a key supplier look like?
6) What are the most important considerations for supply chain managers and other key stakeholders?
7) What excites you most about the use of technology in the supply chain and why?

Recent media engagements include: highlight in Industrious Magazine (January 2019), featured Guest on Building Business Acumen Podcast with Nathaniel Schooler (March 2019), featured Guest Panelist on webinar discussing the Future of AI, Edge, and Analytics in Supply Chain Technology hosted by Frost & Sullivan (May 2019), Thought Leadership at Gartner’s IT Expo (October 2018), and Guest on “Let’s Talk Supply Chain” (Season 2, Episode 27).

She has presented to Gartner’s Special Interest Group on Sourcing & Procurement leading practice and was a guest speaker at the Chinese Association of Science & Technology (August 2018), where she discussed the future of blockchain and supply chain technology.

Sheri holds two credentials from Rutgers Business School with highest distinction (Beta Gamma Sigma), a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management, and a Mini-MBA, with focus in Digital Supply Chain. She is a Masters Candidate at Harvard University in Sustainability with emphasis in Industrial Ecology (Circular Economy) and Product Life Cycle Management. She is certified in Organizational Behavior and Change Leadership from Cornell University. She also has a Bachelor of Science in Business, Supply Chain Management (Summa Cum Laude) from the University of Maryland. Additionally, Sheri is a licensed Project Management Professional (PMP), and Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt.

Find more about Sheri here on her website :-