Secrets of Audience Research – Performance Led Messaging

Performance led messaging is crucial to maximising ROI for marketing departments and who best to discuss this than Peep Laja, a former champion of optimisation and experimentation turned business builder. Founder of CXL, Speero, Wynter.

With a major focus on improving businesses and providing a tangible ROI from messaging we discussed the need to improve this for SAAS companies and how to improve the conversion rates from copy, we also shared some useful research techniques.

Peep also gave some great insights into being the CEO of two companies and how he manages his time and teams to get things done.

Nat Schooler and Peep discussed:

  • Insightful message mining 
  • Market research 
  • The B2B buying cycle
  • Performance led messaging 
  • Managing multiple businesses 
  • Achieving goals with teamwork 
  • How to split your time when running multiple companies
  • Meeting days VS deep work days
  • How to empower your teams 
  • Peep’s most important task on a Monday is focusing on the vision
  • Creating the strategy to move toward this vision with teamwork 
  • CEOs should also do recruitment for senior roles
  • Insights from audience research 
  • Identifying friction 
  • Boring websites
  • Optimise for cognitive fluency
  • Are people pausing to read?
  • Is your messaging a bit “MEH?”
  • Persona based messaging
  • Non personalised messaging VS personalised
  • IP address personalisation 
  • Market penetration from infrequent buyers
  • Self segmenting personalisation