Secrets Of Audience Intelligence – Using Data To Build Consumer Relationships

Using data to build consumer relationships is key to ensuring they get what they want from your brand. Using data to build consumer relationships is not just important, it is crucial and it can be game changing.

Knowing when consumers of your products or services change their behaviour patterns is such an important insight it can make or break businesses.

Jonathan Silver is Founder + CEO of Affinity Solutions. Affinity is the authoritative source of truth related to consumer purchase intelligence. Their vision is to use data to improve people’s lives. Jonathan is a Wharton graduate both engineering and MBA.

We discussed: –

  1. The story of how he built Affinity (which is the source for purchase intelligence with access to 90 mil cardholders anonymized data.)
  2. The use of data and his vision for the responsible use of data and his vision for using data to improve people’s lives and the company’s tech for good platform.
  3. Helping brands/CMOs get ahead of consumer behaviour shifts that are happening constantly in the pandemic. Why insights are only rising in importance within the C Suite.

Visit Affinity website or contact Jonathan Silver on LinkedIn