Professional Matchmaking + AI with Censio

In this interview I discuss matchmaking and AI with Cyr Mongo and Carmelia Ray, we all got a chance to meet on my recent trip to Los Angeles.

Cyr is former IBM, Overture, Yahoo – Cyr is an Entrepreneur and seasoned executive with over 15 years experience and one successful exit.

Carmelia – is the featured Matchmaker on the new Hit TV Series, Mom Vs Matchmaker.

Both of them share their insight into why Censio is different and how they have combined their expertise with technology to help people to find a life partner.

Censio is the first Premium Lifestyle Matchmaking App. Censio focuses on you, learns about you & your lifestyle, then intelligently provides you with one highly compatible match at-a-time, using its proprietary AI Technology.

How Does Professional Matchmaking Work?

Traditional matchmaking has been around for hundreds of years, and is a growing industry. There are hundreds of matchmakers all over the world who are passionate about connecting real singles with someone who is compatible to them. Matchmakers use a combination of skills when matching clients; experience, empathy, and intuition are important for a matchmaker to have. The biggest difference with working with a matchmaker vs an online dating site, is your matchmaker personally meets with each and every client. They suggest an introduction based on an in-depth interview with each person. As a matchmaker, I develop a close relationship with my clients to truly understand what matters to them, and recommend matches based on mutual compatibility.

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