Podcasting Anyone Can Do It

Podcasting anyone can do it. Even when on a giant road trip podcasting is possible! Anyone can do it!! Despite travelling you can still podcast and work remotely.

According to Infinite Dial report 2021 and Edison in the US alone 176 million people, are now weekly online audio listeners, an all-time high for this category.

Want to make money on the road? Make sure you are podcasting!
As technology becomes more advanced, podcasts have become one of the most popular mediums that people use. Podcasting is an awesome way not only to get your name out there but also to create powerful connections with potential customers or clients from all around the world without even leaving your home base!

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If you are an entrepreneur, business leader, or just want to build a strong business presence online, podcasting is the way. It’s easy and inexpensive with all of the tools available now on the internet. But it can be daunting at first if you’re not sure where to start or what equipment you need. That’s why I’ve created this blog post for your benefit so that you can get up and running quickly in order to reap all of these benefits!

My visit to Bratislava via Auschwitz

On Wednesday, I drove from Warsaw to Bratislava via Auschwitz, it was a reflective day, lots of driving and thought on the world as we see it and our ‘awful’ or not so awful lives.

podcasting anyone can do it

Perspective is a wonderful thing, it enables us to be happy with our LOT, we are free after ALL!

An oil change or a service here in Bratislava, I think not!

I went to see if I could get a quick oil change, the mechanic said he didn’t speak English. When I went to look at the fault codes on my car he pretended to ignore the actual word Absent (in English) and pretended I needed to change all six injectors, I asked him how much? He said 500 Euros each. I looked at him thanked him for his time and went to get some injector cleaner, an oil change can wait until I get to Croatia…

As I type this message, I am in my hotel room near the centre of Bratislava and going to head out for one quick beer, got to go and pick up my dry-cleaning in the morning…

Below are the podcasts that were released this week. Both contain so much value I thoroughly enjoyed editing them and I am sure you will enjoy them as much as we did.

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