Quick Podcast questions list to get in the flow!

It depends on your style and the time available. Some common themes are creativity, self-discovery, overcoming adversity, building confidence, physical fitness, entrepreneurship. What is on your Podcast questions list?

You could also ask people about the most significant moments of their lives or what makes them laugh on a bad day. I usually have a form that guests fill out and on some of our shows, we have a question we ask everyone.

Usually, I am trying to save as much time as possible so usually will have 3 questions prepared. It all depends on who you are interviewing and what you would like your listeners to learn from them.

It all depends on the person’s area of expertise. However, some good questions to discuss for a podcast could be:
-What are the latest trends in your field of work?
-What do you think will be the next big breakthrough in your field of work?
-What motivates you to continue working in your field of work?
-How have you helped advance your field of work?

Here are some more good questions to ask:

-What are some of your favourite books and why?
-What was your favourite subject in school and why?
-What are your hobbies and what do you like to do for fun?
-How did you get interested in the topic of your podcast?
-Can you share a little bit about your experience with podcasting? How long have you been doing it? What tips or advice would you have for someone who is just starting out?

If all goes back to the reason why you started a podcast in the first place really and how the questions will support your business goals. This article may help: Why Do You Want A Podcast Show? | The Ultimate Guide

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