Pillars Of Success: Your Way

The Secrets and True History of Successful People.  No Hype – No Arrogance – Just The Hard-core Tools To Succeed From Two World-class Entrepreneurs.

Positive Personal Power Podcast Phase II is supported by Steven J. Manning’s Pillars Of Success And Philosophies of life, from his millions of business and life miles, and tens of billions of revenue that he has generated thus far! 

In this Podcast: We discuss the four pillars of success which are elegant in their simplicity.

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We all find ourselves in a rut throughout our lives, business and personal. That is just the reality of life. It is a lot of things that cause that: the social, economic, personal, family environments.

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You feel like you are shoving Jello up and incline? Making no progress? Accomplishing nothing but leaving meaningless stains behind? Right! The trick — is not a trick at all — is to level the playing field. Run your own personal race at the max for you!

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Pillars Of Success: Your Way
Pillars Of Success: Your Way

That is where we come in. We give our great world-wide audience the hard-core tools to bring success to your life.

There are probably 20,000 books now in print about achieving success. How about just buying into the stuff the Positive Thinking industry is peddling.

You can think positively and get really hyped up. Give a try to standing in the backyard, clenching your fists really tight, close your eyes firmly and think positive about being wealthier, healthier, better looking and all that! Unless you are recipient of a miracle or an unanticipated tonnage of good fortune, well, no need to guess what happens. Same as doing all that and wishing for the lawn to mow itself.

The seminal question remains how do you get unstuck!
We had by this point discussed this for about 5 hours.

You cannot buy this advice in any supermarket. Nor in any store in any city, town, village in the world. Amazingly, “they” do not teach this in most of the major universities and colleges in the world. We know: we have been there.

We are not just going to talk about the tools you must have to achieve success, we are going to lay out how to do all that! Humbly, we know some about all that. Between us, we have built successful businesses. We have saved and pushed failing enterprises to success. We have generated tens of billions of dollars in revenue in many, many verticals.

We talk much about the imperative of seeking knowledge and then doing the work!
As much as we all wish it were true, you cannot lose weight while sleeping, with no diet, no pills and no exercise. You can get handcuffed pushing that though!

We define what success is, as that differs much from individual to individual, to populations, even geographically. Yes: we seek to have you remove the pressure from outside opinions and say it is ok.

It would be the ultimate game-changer in the world if we were all born equal and had equal opportunities in life, thus, all attain great success — however we each define that. Regrettably, that belief creates generations of self-defined victims. Sadly, entitled victims.
For billions of people, success is just to have food and shelter. For millions, it is simple survival.

Steven’s definition of success is to have options to be able to seek satisfaction in life, and not at the expense of others.
We must take responsibility in our lives for where we are heading and meditation without action is not the answer for anyone. Entirely foolish. If you already bought THAT book, get a refund!

Exercise is also important along the road to success for me personally although for some people
it may not be as important for them as reading books. How about both for your physical and emotional well-being!
Reality is if you sit and watch Netflix and complain you don’t have time, I politely suggest you should
stop lying to yourself.

Throughout the series, we talk much about those moments of doubt in our lives that are debilitating. How about getting over those with not hollow disingenuous positive thinking with excellent steps that we give you?

Admittedly, we talked some about negative self-talk. We shall banish that together! If fact, one of The Pillars Of Success Focuses on that!
The Four Pillars of Success are simple IF YOU APPLY YOURSELF.

Steven explains how he was penniless at the age of 16. Trust that my colleague, Steven, never goes from ignorance to arrogance. In fact, he suffers arrogant people not at all. Yet, he said something in a talk that was completely out of line for him.

During the Q&A part of the talk, some chap was intentionally rude to him, thus the entire audience. He finally ripped into the man and said: “One of us has done $47 billion in business, have you?” Bravo my partner.

Both he and I talk much about that we must not forget where we came from.

Four Pillars Of Success

1) Leverage the most important word in the lexicon of success in business. It is not FREE. It is not NO. It is YES.
Say YES when most people say NO! You already know that the forest of business is full of wolves. We talk about why and how YES people forge ahead into the forest and find success.

2) Never consider failure an option! It is so much easier to fail than it is to succeed. All successful people fail at things and they fail often and they fail repeatedly. Often they fail because things just don’t make sense. It is never for lack of convictions or doing the work.
You have three options: lead, follow or get out. We have some exceptional minutes/hours on being a leader. How do you lead; how you become a thought-leader. To help people to think the right way has an impact on others.
Every day you will move forward and do something new that although scares you, you figure out the how and why.

3) Homework, homework and more homework. There is no substitute to wisdom on the firing line. Trust that you will walk away from that chat with an entirely new perspective AND MORE IMPORTANTLY attitude toward doing the homework. Guaranteed!

4) Out-work and out-think everybody. Out-think, well how about how to streamline and maximize your ability. Out-work, that is entirely possible! Let’s talk about how to do that.

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