Expert Photography and Messaging Guide

Expert Photography and Messaging Guide

Photography and Messaging with Multi Award Winning Photographer Jamie Robert House

In the video below we discuss the way photography and messaging should be used for delivering your message.

It is crucial to think about who the audience is for your photograph and other important elements.

Ask yourself why you are taking the photograph, then you can begin to build your style. This is going to give you the most powerful marketing because once you have the marriage of your words and your imagery you will be building some amazing relationships and great content…

Once you get your own style right and investing time in taking photos you will begin to have a lot of fun with your content.

Deciding what picture you are going to take can be a lot of fun and the first thing is to be conscious of what you are doing.

I used to advise people to mix up what they are doing for their business.

There are two approaches to photography :-

  1. Go out there and start taking pictures, subconsciously take pictures of one thing like doors for example.

  2. Other people go out with a concept in mind and they decide they will specialize in architecture but it’s about making the choices and the more conscious your choices become.

Jamie expands upon this during the video, make sure you listen to it, we deliver a lot of value here over a can of Beer.

Sometimes you need to mix it up a little when you are doing your marketing and building an image.

It is about what it means to you…the mind is a powerful thing and can take you back to the same place time and time again until you become conscious.

Images are so powerful and taking the time to articulate the images and show the world attracts people to you and we all need to know that and how we can obtain the right people in our lives.

Taking pictures of food is not hard it is actually about the shapes, mixing up the perspective is key and changing the way you look at your food, looking down on it so it becomes shapes and forms and it makes it a lot easier to do.

10 people taking a picture of an apple totally differently. Keeping it real is crucial and a bit of a deep conversation between us, how we are shaped by the environment we have been in and how they affect my reality and how that our perspective changes the way we look at things.

Expert Photography and Messaging Guide

All about life experience, for Jamie it is part science part the things we are exposed to, part art and part psychology and it is a great way to express yourself to the world.

As we get older we actually become better at taking pictures but until we are conscious of the composition we are not maximizing the shot and creating the best photos.

A good photographer can take a good shot from any camera and to get the best photos we need to slow down and take our time to take the best pictures, the moment we stop being a headless chicken we will be able to get much better pictures if we take the time to get the composition right.

Our phone or camera if used correctly can be a great source of photographs if we know about the composition, we need to interrupt people as they have an attention span less than a goldfish. So what we are doing right now needs to be disruptive.

Taking pictures of architecture is great and it is about your perspective and how you see things, by changing your perspective and getting down low for example you can take a better pictures. Getting down low makes things look bigger and more monumental.

It is about getting the angles to look good, it is about how it is lit, the light is important as is the composition.

photography is so much fun and using it to build your brand or your business then you need to learn how to take good pictures.

Showing off what you are all about is crucial, personally I show off some pictures which have words in and it makes my life easier…we cover many more points in this video. Do give me a shout if you need any help with your photography so I can introduce you to Jamie or and if you would like to arrange a live video interview for your business email me:-

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