Philosophies Of Life: Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal

The Secrets and True History of Successful People. No Hype – No Arrogance – Just The Hard-core Tools To Succeed From Two World-class Entrepreneurs.

Series II is supported by Steven J. Manning’s Pillars Of Success And Philosophies of life, from his millions of business and life miles, and tens of billions of revenue that he has generated thus far!

In Episode II Philosophies Of Life: Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal: Nathaniel Schooler and Steven J Manning discuss:

Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal
Life Without Passion Is Not A Life Worth Living
Seek Knowledge Every Day
Inventory Of Knowledge Every Day
Life Is Exhaustively Scripted Tragi-Comedy

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“* For you personally, if you have all your basic needs met, do you feel you have enough in life?

First, allow me to give you my rather pedestrian definition of success: to have options in life.

Being able to seek and find satisfaction in life in ways that I want to and am able to pursue, not at the expense of others. This from my column Pillars Of Success, which is the most often requested talk and interview I am asked to give.

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Philosophies Of Life: Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal
Philosophies Of Life: Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal

No. I do not have enough in life.

I hope and pray I never will.

As written herein-above, I live with certain philosophies, those that guide my life. Top of the list are two:


Is all that a source of discontent for me? I admit to some dark hours and days, therefrom. However, mostly I think it is rather challenging.

I think there is much to say about being the unhappiest person in the room, at the conclusion of a fabulously successful project, because of the certain knowledge that I could have done better.”

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