Personal Branding in Marbella

Personal branding Marbella, Andalucia…

An old friend of mine who lives in this lovely Andalucian region posted a comment to all her friends on Facebook last week saying ‘Tag Someone Who has a business in Marbella.

She was very clever because she didn’t say what she was doing or trying to sell them but managed to get a huge thread going and close lots of sales for her new local directory site. She has done very well on her own “Personal Branding Marbella” I must admit over the years. Excuse the bad grammar not easy to get this keyword in this paragraph…(keyword is the word you type in to rank on search engines)

I didn’t say anything to her, but then she commented on one of my threads and then ended up having a long conversation with me about how she could get my business in front of all the people on her website and bla bla bla…So for me, I thought fair enough you are a single parent trying to make a buck (which I respect hugely by the way). The problem was actually her sales approach (she had never been in sales) and I wondered if I could get on the front page of Google for personal branding Marbella anyway.

The funniest thing was that she was not listening, not listening to a word I was saying, I did not want to give her hundreds of pounds…afterwards, I did explain to her about SPIN selling and how she should give some thought to being a bit more consultative in her approach towards how she sold, nowadays it is important to find out if you have a genuine need before you actually go for the close…anyhow she took this criticism on the chin and will do even better in her business because of her approach.

So thinking quietly about this I decided to do an experiment with my website and to see if I could rank this page for Personal Branding Marbella onto the front page of Google and how long that would actually take. Whilst I am not able to visit Marbs, it was about 7 hours from me in Javea, I can certainly help any business person or individual to build their personal brand whether they use social media or not. (First, they need to have a personal brand, then I will help them to take it to the next level by launching a podcast. I don’t do personal branding for people anymore.) 

One of my previous clients was a top executive pa/ business manager and after we sat down and rearranged her personal brand statement she managed to get two job interviews within 24 hours and got a job with a top CEO (sorry I cannot say who).

Before one even gets onto social media to attempt to build their brand they need to put together a branding strategy, taking into account what they do for a living, who they do it for and why would anyone deal with them versus anyone else.

If you trawl through my website you will see that I have loads of resources around personal branding. This will be a very clear process that anyone can follow to build their gravitas and authority.

I am in the process of building a directory of personal branding consultants and just finished The Ultimate Guide To Personal Branding To Win also checkout Brand Yourself: Personal Branding for Business Owners

So I look forward to speaking with you soon and please whilst you are here on my site take a look at some of the other articles I have written if there is anything else you would like to read or learn about that is marketing related then please let me know how I can help.

I wish my friend in Marbs lots of success for the future of her business; of course, if anyone would like some advice on how I can help, please drop me a message.

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