Personal Branding For Marketers Is 100% Important Too!

Branding For Marketers

Marketers Have a Brand Too!

If Apple’s brand valuation can be over $170 billion dollars and Google’s can be $101.8 billion then surely it is clearly understood by most executives that they also have a personal brand now and personal branding for marketers is also a thing too!

We know you are experienced in your field, you may have been in the business world for the last 30 years and are at the top of your game in marketing, but if no one knows who you are and why you are the best fit for their business why would hire you or promote you to be on the board.

We have accepted the fact that we have a brand, every person is a brand whether they like it or not. Of course, we then begin by asking some questions:

What is your brand worth?

How much is it worth to the businesses you work for?

How do we work out how much your personal brand is actually worth to you?

How much brand awareness do you create for the business you work for or own?

How many people would buy from the company you work for because they know, like and trust you?

How much money can you save or make a business by being more efficient in how you deliver your marketing campaigns? 

I meet so many marketers who are great at what they do but they are hiding under a bushel, they are not telling anyone how good they are, even the ones who do get promoted are not clearly explaining why they are really great at what they do.

Just last week I sent someone at a very big tech company a review of her brand, she thanked me for the insights and found what I had to say helped her a great deal. She had spent 17 years in marketing and had just been promoted so needed some outside input to tell the world about her new skills and some of the more business-related things she had done over the years as she was well and truly out of the marketing box.

Being a marketer is not easy, especially when the likes of social media and more brand awareness campaigns are not realized immediately or even in that year.

Even when there is a methodology for calculating the value of a brand many C-Suite execs are short term focused, this is a real shame considering that many companies spent lots of money working out all these brand valuations and clearly there is a science to it.

If you want to get more recognition from your peers and the senior directors you need to take action and do something about it. If you want to negotiate with your CFO and the CEO to get more marketing budget but have no idea how is this going to happen.

Now is the time to build your personal brand to make you more authoritative and to bring your expertise under the spotlight so you can actually do more of what you enjoy doing and get a budget increase for your next quarter.

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Personal Branding For Marketers Is Something To Work On

The good news is some marketers are doing a great job of explaining what they do to secure their jobs and their budgets, even with the brand marketing part of the conversation. Other marketers ask us to help them to explain what they do in words that matter to them so they can further their careers, we help them to grow their networks and knowledge around marketing too with our great training modules so making them more of an asset to the businesses they work for.

I have plenty of great educational tools for professionals who want to advance along the career ladder and for people who want to step away to grow their own businesses and succeed in them.

It helps you explain what you do and why people should listen to you. You will also discover how to build more authority and credibility in your marketplace and learn more of the latest growth hacking tools and time-honoured personal branding strategies that I have been lucky to learn.

You will build more confidence and self-assurance as we support you to build your brand, we will update you on the latest knowledge, technology platforms, growth hacking techniques and can even help you to find new team members if required.

We will help you to gain the critical knowledge to stand out from the crowd, to inform your ideal clients, co-workers and employers why you are the best person for the job.

ALL the information we share will ensure you are informed and at the leading edge of the latest technological advances and brand-led business strategy. Our educational system and personal branding and marketing training can make all the difference.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me today to discuss if you or your corporation needs help to leverage your personal brands.

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Thanks, Forbes for the brand valuations

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