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Personal Branding and Marketing Training is crucial

Tim Elliott

I would like to introduce you to Tim Elliott, Tim has been in the marketing world for over 20 years and was even a chartered institute of marketing tutor a few years ago. Our personal branding and marketing training was really valuable to Tim.

Like many people in the business world, Tim is a lifelong learner and is always stretching his mind and learning more. He is always expanding his knowledge by taking the latest courses and learning as much as he can.

Tim has created clarity around what he does and he has used the words he developed whilst studying the modules in our online course for his LinkedIn profile; that looks absolutely amazing I might add! Here is Tims LinkedIn profile if you want to take a look

Garin Kilpatrick and I have spent a long time putting together our marketing training courses. Tim was fortunate to have taken the first course. Profile Jetpack was a personal branding marketing training course that helps people get all their communications in check. Tim explains why our training was valuable to him and this one-minute testimonial video explains why.

As Tim says in this video our course helped him to really hone his messaging and to focus on what he does best. If you would like to find out more about how I can help you to build your profile you can click the button below.

Many business leaders are confused as to what to do with their personal brands and what marketing they can do to grow their businesses. According to you get 561% more reach from sharing your content personally VS a brand account!

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